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13 Outfits You Wish You Were Wearing This Weekend

What to wear, what to wear... I'm going to go out on a limb and say NOT #4? Maybe your crush invited you to a BBQ and you need to glam it up a smidge. Maybe it's a family thing, and you know there will be a touch football game. Maybe you just have a hunch you will be chasing your kids all over the party... Or maybe you could daydream for a second that you were going to THE party of the year, and you could wear whatever the F you want...

If nothing mattered, I would wear all of these, with scheduled wardrobe changes throughout the day/night, and wrap myself in a flag, as I drank beer by a bonfire on the beach... Wait, that may have been an Abercrombie commercial I saw... IDK... IDC... Here goes:

Ahhhh... so cute... all of it...

...and yet still, I am left with the burning question...


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Happy 4th!!

Top Ten Favorite Fashion and Beauty Instagrams

Clothes are everything. Make-up is divine. I like looking at pretty girls, in fancy clothes, doing fun things. Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite Fashion & Beauty Instagrammers, aka the lovely Ladies that motivate me out of my joggers in the morning.

Rachel Zoe


House of Harlow 1960










Karlie Kloss


Shoe Bakery


Taylor Swift


Xander Vintage


They won't disappoint- give 'em a follow so we can Ohemgee!! their pics together! XO

Homemade 10 Minute Natural Deodorant 


I'm sure by now, we have all heard of the dangers of store bought deodorants. Filled with chemicals and Mercury, applied to a freshly shaven under arm, it is one of the more dangerous compounds we come in contact with on a daily basis. Studies have shown, that most breast cancer tumors contain this toxic chemical mixture, which is a reason enough to put it down for good. Possibly, some of you haven't made the switch to natural deodorant yet, because making your own seems complicated. It's not! Maybe you think it won't work as well? My own opinion: It works WAY better.

Here is the simple recipe that I use.

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup cornstarch

1/2 coconut oil

Optional: few drops of essential oil of your preference

Whip together ingredients until thoroughly blended.

(I use a hand mixer)

Texture should be creamy. If yours is not, add a bit more coconut oil until it is.

Store in a small container with a lid.

This literally took me less than 10 minutes. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Nothing Fishy About The Benefits Of This Supplement


As we snap into Spring, fitness and beach bodies are on most of our minds. I have started back into my outdoor fitness routine, and it is so encouraging! I also tweaked my supplement intake, as I occasionally do, to suit my fitness and seasonal needs. 

In Winter, my supplements range from the old standby's, to a range of odorless garlic, echinacea, vitamin D's, and Vitamin C, with some mineral supplements mixed in. I tweak this in the Spring, swapping out the immune boosting supplements, to the muscle and inflammation aiding supplements. Right now, I have incorporated Zyflamend, to help my knees adjust to the outdoor running and walking, and doubling up on a supplement that I take year round- Fish Oil. 

The benefits of Fish Oil are amazing. Here are a few reasons that I keep this in my routine year-round:

1. Aides In Weight Loss

Weight loss is never my goal, but displaying tone and ample muscle is. Some of my readers may be looking for a little help dropping Winter Weight. If that is the case: Studies show that people that consume Fish Oil regularly, have a greater ability of shedding unwanted pounds. 

2. Boosts Immune System

Fish Oil has shown positive immune growth in animal studies, as well as human trails. Though more human studies are being conducted, it is safe to deduce that positive interations between the supplement and fever, skin rashes, and common illnesses have been witnessed by many. 

3. Reduces Inflammation 

Reducing inflammation is important once you begin amp up your workout routine, as most of us do this time of year. Not only does Fish Oil reduce inflammation in the tissues, which we need to heal after excercise it helps with other problems such as IBS and Crohn's Disease. 

4. Helps Depression and Anxiety

It has been shown that Omega 3 has a positive effect on depression, anxiety, sadness, decreased libido, and suicidal thoughts. 

5. Improves Eye Sight

It has been long noted that Fish Oil aides in improving eye sight. It is in trails now, regarding its ability to improve macular degeneration as well. 

6. Skin Care 

Fish Oil greatly helps with Winter dry skin, as well as eczema, and psoriasis. Taking it orally does the trick, but it can also be used topically, as well. 


The brand I am currently promoting in my wellness routine is Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme

*I was given this product to review, but all opinions expressed are my own.  

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World... Oh- And Screw Kim Kardashian

The other day I was bopping along in my car, happy, and slightly care free. Some talk station was on, and I was barely listening. I randomly heard the host start talking about make-up and my ears perked. Cosmetic talk usually pleases me, but this story totally ruined my frame of mind, and more so than that- it rattled me and filled me with absolute rage. Host Question- How much do you think Kim Kardashian spends on make-up per day?

(insert Taylor Swift song and much anticipation here)

Host Answer- $2,000.00 daily

SAY WHAT NOW?! I mean Yeezus, I wasn't born yesterday. I know she doesn't #wakeuplikethis, but TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A DAY? If she #makeupfreemonday-ed just once a month, she could pay my mortgage. *Murder eyes*

I look in my rear view mirror at my four year old daughter, who is growing up into a society of false perfection and misplaced adulation, and suddenly got sad. I hope she knows people like KK are not real. I hope she always feels pretty, especially- and more so, without thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics. I love playing dress up, and getting ready, trying out different looks, and crazy false eyelashes, but at the end of the day- it is not my sole reality.

I started thinking about the millions of girls who may feel inadequate in comparison with KK's lil sis, KK or KK. My heart sank. Do you remember what it is like to be a teenage girl? Ugh, it is so awful. I never felt pretty enough, and I only had people like Brenda and Kelly to look up to (also horrible role models, yes I know).

Millions of teenage girls use social media, Instagram in particular, as a virtual diary, seeking approval and vindication from their peers, in the form of selfies. My daughter may someday be one of these girls. Hard truth.

I took to Instagram and hashtag searched #ugly #imugly. Much to my stomach-sinking-dismay, most of the hastags that accompanied #ugly were #bullied, #suicide, #cutting, #killme... Oh. My.

My heart hurt. All of these poor little girls. Beautiful, make-up free, braces-wearing, gorgeous, little girls. They have no idea how absolutely stunning they are. All I wanted to do was help. But HOW? I mean honestly, what can I possibly do for these random, underage, strangers?


I have spent a portion of every night before bed since I heard that god awful broadcast, doing the only thing I could possibly think to do to help... I go on IG. I search #ugly. I comment #beautiful. I search #cutting. I comment #pleasedont. I search #bullied. I comment #imhereifyouneedme.

I didn't think I would make much difference, but all I could think of was Gandhi's 'You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.'. That was all I could think to do. The funny thing is... the girls were responsive. They talked with me. Some refrained from cutting because I reached out. They followed my IG and asked me if I could follow theirs in case they needed help. Some just started graciously accepting compliments. #Beautiful


I know I am not making a serious dent in the state of the nation by doing this every night, but honestly, I feel good putting some good out there. Even if one girl stays on track, it is worth it. That one girl, is someone's daughter. And maybe, she needs YOU.

So if you would like to join me in a #beautiful movement, I would be so happy.


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Do You Have Scars?


Once upon a time there was a cute little, fat little, sweet little, sausage named Richard.


In Richard's complete and utter excitement, he was exuberant in displaying his love, and accidentally scratched me. It was a 2 inch long, deep, bloody scratch. Yuck. It got infected, and even required a trip to the ER.


Unpleasant, but forgivable, Richard.

So, when I was offered a product to review that erases scars, I accepted. Typically, I wouldn't have reviewed a product that I was uncertain about, as we all know: scars are permanent. I wanted to give this a fair shot though, because I seriously don't want to see this scar on my arm forever.

I researched this product thoroughly. I really liked the ingredient list, so I gave it a go. I applied this gel 2x per day for about 2 weeks.

My scar went from looking like this:


The scar was lowered and purple and very unattractive.

Two weeks later it looked like:

The color is fading, and the scar is now level with my skin; no more indent.

I can safely say that I believe this product significantly reduced the appearance of this scar. The Scar Gel says it can be used on new OR old scars, but I can only testify to the new scar variety.

InstaNatural Scar Gel includes Epidermal Growth Factor (EFG), which is a naturally occurring protein that stimulates the healing process. Green tea, sea kelp, and aloe aid in the health of your skin, as well.

I, though hesitant at first, am a believer in this product, and I intend to continue to use Scar Gel until my scar completely diminishes.

If you have an unattractive or unsightly scar, I recommend using Scar Gel. I deduce that it works wonders on acne scars, as well. Doing something is always better than doing nothing- Give this product a try!

If you have used, or will use this product, leave me a comment or a photo and let me know what you thought. :)


Here is the product link if you are interested in trying InstaNatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel.



*I was given this product to review, but all opinions are my own. Please consult a professional before incorporating new products into your routine.

Reverse Feminism?

Is 'Reverse Feminism' even a thing? IDK what else to call what I'm attempting for the next 30 days... So, that'll have to do. 

Yesterday was my Grandmother's Birthday. The big 8-0. I spent a good while on the phone with her, grilling her about the past 80 years. The subject came up of 'What year did women start wearing pants all of the time?'. Turns out: it was later than I thought (not that I've ever really thought about it). The late 60's, to her recollection. No big deal if you live in SoCal, but super crappy if you live in Boston! She ventured to tell me of how they could only afford stockings sometimes, and they always wore dress shoes (no winter boots! omg). I started to imagine how absolutely difficult it must be to wear a dress every... single... day... Wow. Chasing after small children, carrying groceries up the icy driveway, cleaning the bathroom; These chores sound exponentially harder in heels and a dress, do they not?! I mean, we all wear skirts now and again, but not because we HAVE to, and usually it's more like 'summer afternoon' or 'party', than 'for-no-reason' or 'dead-of-winter'. 

Could I do that? Did I have the mental fortitude to wear a dress everyday, no matter what situation or weather? What if I had no choice? Once upon a not-so-long-ago, ladies literally didn't have the choice. This baffles me still, but whatever. 

So, as a self-inflicted experiment, I decided to see if I could do this for 30 days. Skirts and dresses ONLY for a month. It would teach me to be a little tougher, a little more resilient, slightly more femine, and it would also forge a new level of respect, for a lady I already hold in high esteem. It would remind me of how lucky I actually am, and how much harder life could be, because sometimes I amp up the self-pity, and forget how awesome my life really is. I mean jeez, if I didn't have the option of choosing to wear pants (something I find a simple, yet necessary luxury), God, I just may cry. BUT- If Grandma could do it for 30 years, I can do it for 30 days... I think. 

(If you see me on Instagram in joggers any time soon, please berate me for being a wuss)

So, here is my tribute to my Grandma's 80th. Thirty days of dresses to remind me what a bad a** she is. Anyone want to join me in a little Grandma appreciation? 

Tag me on Instagram #30daysofdresses

You're Welcome, Men: I Just Made Your Life Simple

Hey Gents. I'm here to help you out today. Do you want to NOT shop, NOT wrap, NOT spend a lot, AND look at models in lingerie WITHOUT getting in trouble? Do you want to do pretty much nothing, but get a big gold star on Valentines Day? Cool. Here's how:

Lingerie. I know, I know... I said no shopping and no spending a lot. When I said lingerie, most likely that big, expensive, crowded, awkward, mall store popped into your mind. Well, that store finally has some decent competition.

Adore Me is a chic online lingerie shop. It costs half as much as you are probably used to dishing out. You can either sign up for a monthly membership, where it charges you $39.99 per month and you or your girl can go online and chose what you want, or you can just make a one time purchase.

Consider this, Men: A monthly subscription means you will definitely see your Lady in lingerie at LEAST once a month.

adoreme2 adoreme3

If you are having a tough month financially, you can click the 'skip a month' option. If you want to cancel, its easy, you just cancel.

Being a blogger; not only did Adore Me send me out this hot little number for... ahem... testing purposes:


They also gave me a PROMO LINK for my readers. Instead of $39.99, your first month is $25.00. Seriously, between dinner, flowers, and tickets to 50 Shades of Grey; you don't need to break the bank any further. $25.00 for hot lingerie sounds pretty budget-worthy.

Here is the PROMO LINK:

Happy Shopping! Don't get too distracted! ;)

What Happened When I Didn't Wash My Face For A Full Year

I gave up washing my face as my New Year's Resolution last year. It sounds crazy, right? I will tell you why and how I did it, and what the results were, but I am not a Dermatologist, by any stretch of the imagination, so, as always, please do your own research before attempting.

All through my 20's I broke out. Around my chin and forehead mainly. I tried everything to find the perfect balance of what my skin needed, but nothing worked. I tried Proactive, but it was so harsh my skin felt like it was on fire endlessly. It also did nothing for my problem. I tried Bare Minerals makeup, hoping that a cleaner, mineral makeup would help, but alas, no dice. I used Cetaphil every night and morning, and truth be told, I really liked their moisturizer, but it didn't provide me any solution. I was ready to surrender to my less than fantastic skin...

I had started reading up on holistic and health blogs, trying, in general, to live as clean as possible, for my children's sake. One thing I kept stumbling on was Coconut Oil. Virgin Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, to be more specific. I read all about it's antibacterial properties, when applied to cuts, scars, and wounds. I read all about its anti-aging and wrinkle reducing properties. All THAT sounded good to me. Maybe I could try it out as a moisturizer? It sounded kind of crazy to me to put oil on my face. A little too risky. But then, I remembered an esthetician friend of mine telling me years ago that she put EVOO on her face every night...

I decided to try it on a temporary basis. If it didn't go well I would just hide in the house until I looked better. I needed to know that it was definitely the Coconut Oil that was either helping or not helping though. For the first week, I used NOTHING else. Just whatever water happened to hit my face in the shower. I removed all makeup by smearing CO heavy on my face and then wiping it off with a soft towel. It was the best makeup remover I had EVER used. Bonus #1. I started putting it on in the morning. A few minutes before makeup, I would put on an excessive amount, and pat it off right before application. My makeup went on so much easier and smoother. Bonus #2.

Okayyyy, ready for Bonus #3???

My skin cleared up COMPLETELY within the first week. I haven't had any skin issues ever since. Not one breakout and barely a blemish in an entire year! Not only that, but I actually get compliments on my skin frequently now.

Bonus #4... It is a natural sunscreen, with an SPF of 10, believe it or not.

So, not only did it clear up my skin, replace my toxic, chemical laden sunscreen, improve the appearance of my makeup, reduce the signs of aging, eliminated moisture loss in my skin, and become my favorite lip gloss, it smells great, and feels good. CO makes my skin feels soft and moisturized, not slimy or greasy, like you may think.

I buy my Virgin Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil at my local supermarket in the natural section. I have seen the same brand at many other grocery stores as well. I live and die by this one...


I like the size of the tub. It lasts about 2 months, cost about $10, and has a wide mouth so it is easy to stick your hand in. It will be hard and white when you aren't using it, but the second it hits your fingers, it turns into a clear liquid, due to a 76 degree melting point. Also, when purchasing: if it is not unrefined, it does not have the same benefits.

That's my story. I will never wash my face again!

Have you, or will you try this? Let me know your experience!

***Remember... we all have different skin types and needs, so please do your research before trying this. I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be! XO

The Baddest 90's Babes


In a nostalgic moment, I found myself drifting off into Nerdville, recollecting my precious (and severely extensive) VHS collection. I've never fully recovered my collection, since the new-fangled DVD hit the scene, and I'm still bummin' about it. To make myself feel better, I composed a list of 90's bad ass babes, that teenage me loved. You're welcome. (In no particular order, because I just can't play favorites with these b*****s, I love them all equally.)

1. Milla Jovovich Stoner babe to the max. Plus, her part in Dazed and Confused was small enough, where we didn't realize she couldn't really act yet. IMG_1829.JPGIMG_1830.JPG

2. Angelina Jolie: Foxfire She gives HERSELF a tattoo. Rebel yell.


3. Alicia Silverstone Clueless is great and all, but I'm talking about THIS Alicia:


4. Drew Barrymore There was not one single thing about Drew in the 90's that I didn't love. She hadn't married Tom Green yet, in case that popped into question.







5. Joey Lauren Adams So cute, yet so sassy. Love.



6. Parker Posey Like, the coolest mean girl ever.



7. Angelina Jolie: Hackers


8. Liv Tyler Ok. She almost did not make this list BECAUSE: who wears these underwear when they KNOW they are going to seduce Rex Manning?!

IMG_1826.JPG But we forgive her, BECAUSE... She smells like French Vanilla Ice Cream and makes us feel like a bath.


9. Winona Ryder Wino Forever... and Ever and Ever.


10. Tiffani Amber Thiessen Eat your heart out Brenda. Valerie may not be as cray or whiny as you, but she is way more bad ass, and so much cuter. Deal.


This Month's Birchbox


Hi everyone! Sorry for my extended absence last week... Life gets crazy :) I was so happy to get my Birchbox yesterday. There is something so exciting about monthly subscriptions. I love being surprised by the contents.

This months box wasn't extremely exciting, per say, but it turns out that I really do like most of the products. I get more worked up about the make-up than the bath products usually, and this month was mainly the latter.

One item that I LoVeD: Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner My hair is crazy. Half curly, half frizz, fine, wacky with a mind of its own... Cow licks... the works. Be jealous. That being the case, I really liked this treatment. It is a cleansing conditioner, (so no shampoo necessary) and it actually cuts your blow dry time in half. It is comprised of Omega 3, 5, and 7, so it restores natural oils to your hair. Now let me put it out there- if your hair is already oily, I wouldn't recommend this product. If you are someone like me, who dreads the fluffy frizz ball you end up with post shampoo, than this is right up your alley. J'adore. IMG_1805.JPG

Next up: I'm hate to say it, but this shower gel by Essential Elements wasn't really my jam. It has a really strong, masculine, menthol scent, and it overwhelmed my shower experience. Now, on an extra sleepy, just-can't-wake-the-funk-up kinda day, this may come in handy to snap me out of it, but I'll most likely pass it along to the Hubs, or put it in the guest bath. #sorrynotsorry


The Suki Exfoliating Cleanser smells amazing, and my skin felt really clean and fresh after. It did seem to make my face a tad bit dry, but nothing a little coconut oil can't solve. I would def use again. J'adore.


And thennnnnn, the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Sunscreen. I liked it, but honestly I felt like I didn't care one way or the other. I would use it, but I may not buy it if I had other options. Just sayin.


BUT!! I saved the best for last :) I reallllly enjoy the Coastal Scents Ballerina Eyeshadow. I have green eyes, and these shades made them look super bright, even though I'm drag-ass tired today. I'll take whatever help I can get in the pretty department on days like today. J'ADORE!


Well, that's it guys! What did you get in your. Birchbox this month? Tag me on Instagram and show me @theclosetelectric !

If you don't have a Birchbox subscription, but want one, it is $10 per month for the women's and $20 for the men's (we get both and really like them), here is the link to sign up :)




These jeweled BCBG clutches are so very! Already mentally planning holiday outfits to wear them with...

bcbgbcbg lulu with ombre faux crystalsbcbgmaxazariajasminjeweledboxclutch


You can find them here.




Walk Around The Color Block


Heya! Today I color-blocked the heck outta my life and loved every minute it. Color blocking is by no means new news, but its flame still burns on, so fan away. Today I broke in my new color blocked French Connection sweater in camel and grey. I color blocked my nails to tie in my sweater with my jewelry. So fun!


Since my sweater and skinny jeans were a tad too preppy to support my boho turquoise jewelry, I put on my Swarovski fade-to-blue hoops to dress the look up a little, and bring the blue hues of my rings closer to the grey in my sweater.

Color blocking is everywhere and I am all over it. Here is some ootd inspiration for you bold b*****s out there:


And shoes!:


And my obsession with my home renovation has brought me to drool over this color blocked room:


But until that wish comes true, I'm just going to color block my nails to death and dream...



Ipsy Love


My lovely Seester-in-law (a make-up artiste) suggested Ipsy to me a few months ago... I'm so glad she did! I'm tipsy on my ipsy over here. First of all- they send off your monthly glam bag in the ca-uuuutest little make-up cases every month. This fact alone is fantastic, because I have organized my make-up drawers for the first time ever, with these cute little bags. Every month they differ. Swoon.IMG_1771.JPG Ipsy subscriptions cost $10 per month and you answer a questionnaire prior to receiving your bags, so you are always receiving products you love. Upon receiving your bag, if you rate your items on the Ipsy site, you get Ipsy points, leading up to free items. Pretty fun, I guess.

So. Down to glam bag specifics. I started my day with an Indie Lee skin brightening cleanser. J'adore. Skin felt soft and my primer and foundation went on nicer than usual.


I love the creme highlighter this month from Doll10. It gives your cheekbones a dewy, radiant look. Highlighter always makes me feel young and sexy. Before this fantastic find, I would sweep a bit of Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in a champagne color on my cheeks as a highlighter. This, being made for skin-skin, is slightly thinner than the eyeshadow, and is easier to apply. J'adore.


OKKKKKK... Now let's get serious for a minute. This next item freaked me out a little, I'm not gonna lie. It is Skone Tattooed Water Proof Liquid Eyeliner. I tried it in my hand to see how proficient the tip was, and instantly realized: waterproof + 'tattooed' proclamation= this does NOT come off easily. Since I wear liquid liner everyday, I put on my brave face and applied, fully knowing that if I messed up my line I may be stuck with it for eternity. My hands were (thankfully) steady and the lines were clean. Application is excellent and the tip is perfect. Then it dawned on me: I can swim in the summer with this stuff on?! Holy crap! Excitement!! For those who need to remove this divinity at the end of the day- coconut oil removed mine (CO is my steadfast make-up remover on the reg anyway). J'adore.


And lastly, but so definitely not leastly: Starlooks Lip gloss in Guilty Pleasure. I'm such a red lip addict, that it doesn't even occur to me to try something different. Thank you Ipsy for deciding that I needed to try this gorgeous thick, but not sticky, medium shine mauve/rose gloss. You are right. I did.


I also scored some Fig & Rouge hand cream in Mango Mandarin. J'adore, as well.


Full look:

IMG_1780.JPG If you think this all sounds as fun as I did, you can sign up to ipsy here:

Have you tried any if these products? Do you have an Ipsy account?


A Fall Romp


I love rompers! It's a gorgeous day today in the Northeast, and I decided to wear my favorite one. Its a one sleeve, black, loose short-set romper with pockets. I LoVe pockets-yay!!! I made this piece 'season-appropriate' with a preppy, black and white, Ralph Lauren Sport cardigan, and Forever21 black and white, sporty over-the-knee socks. The ensemble seemed slightly frumpy UNTIL- I threw on a houndstooth Betsey Johnson belt. I am so comfortable, warm, and happy with this outfit. So grateful for the warm weather today! Hope you all get to enjoy it as well!IMG_1755.JPG

Today's Look


I am always tempted to stay in my pj's by the fire on a Sunday, but today there is wayyyyy to much to do to prepare for tomorrow's jewelry launch! I am never motivated to do anything unless I am dressed WITH shoes on (for some reason, when my shoes are off I am SOOOO much lazier?). Today I wanted my comfy leopard print leggings (so soft!), but as we all know- LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS, so I tossed a pair of jean cut offs over them. A super comfy black cold shoulder tee and a pair of cozy boots and I'm a happy camper. Braids because I so can't be bothered with my hair today; lipstick to make up for that fact!Polyvore Board attached if you feel like Sunday Funday shopping! Whoooo!

Untitled #30



Today's Look

Today is for home improvement projects, so comfort and flexibility are a must. Whenever I dress dark and casual, I vamp up my makeup slightly more than usual, as to not feel dowdy. Red lipstick usually does the trick just perfectly! Here is a Polyvore board so you can shop Today's Look! Enjoy!Today's Look

Chanel Stuns On KStew


Kristen Stewart typically less-than dazzles me (even though I am a grown woman who loves Twilight). That being said: She just stepped out in a serious Chanel dress that knocked my socks off. It made the fact that her face is so annoyingly pouty/stoner/insomniac, and that her new short haircut is too 'Rosie O'Donnell' ALMOST tolerable.Seriously though, Chanel is amazing. IMG_1691.JPG Photo by: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Do you like KStews new hair cut??? I have to say... I DON'T!!

It's Not What's On The Inside...


If Blair Waldorf taught us anything, she taught us that it is not what's on the inside that counts; it's what's underneath: Agent Provocateur. Just a little heads up to all interested parties with some disposable income: Agent is having a four day sale. That means a pair of undies are $100 instead of $300.

Do you know what sort of good mood just knowing you are wearing expensive undies puts you in? A very good one!

Shop away and sweet dreams!

Kate Moss in Agent Provocateur





Today's Look

Today I embraced the chill in the air with a Calvin Klein infinity scarf, Steve Madden leg warmers, Guess boots, American Eagle Jeans and a sleek sweater. The varying brown tones needed a color pop, so I accessorized with blue stones. If you enjoy my OOTD, I have put together a Polyvore board for you to shop similar, affordable items. Enjoy your day!
Today's Look