Are You Lazier Than You Realize?


I consider(ed) myself an active person. I most likely jumped to this conclusion because I am too busy to do the things I used to enjoy, like napping, and driving around aimlessly listening to music with an ice coffee. If I am too busy for staple things of a sane life, like those, then I must be VERY active. Yesssss. The lies we tell ourselves.

I was born blessed with a slender physique, to which I am eternally grateful, but mainly what this has taught me is: 'go ahead... Eat that pile of nonsense and then take a nap' has few, to no, consequences.

Noooooo. Now here is some truth:

The husband got me a Fitbit. The Fitbit doesn't lie. Well, occasionally it fibs and says I climbed an extra flight of stairs, after I drive down a bumpy road, but that's just a little white one. What Fitbit does, if you aren't savvy to this amazing device, is it measures calories burned, steps taken, heart rate, stairs climbed, sleep cycles, and keeps you aligned with pre-set 'goals' for you to meet. It's pretty cool.

Another little something it offers for those of us with competitive personalities, is 'challenges'. It finds your friends that also have an active Fitbit, and you can invite them to weekly, weekend, or daily challenges. 'Join the challenge,', they said, 'It'll be fun.', they said. It is fun. It really is. But, it was a swift and serious reminder that I am just really not that active. Every day I have reasons (aka excuses!) for not getting the excercise in... It's too late to walk, it's too early to do a workout video, the yoga studio is closed by the time Mr. Husband gets home, the kids are crazy, the greenhouse or the blog needs love... It is all nonsense. I am watching the other girls supersede me by 5k+ steps a day! OMG! It's getting to the point where it is embarrassing how far down the stats list I get some days! I'm still getting a fair 8-12k steps in daily but I'm nowhere close to the rest of my Fitbit friends.

'Do you want to return it?', Darling Husband asks with a condescending smirk when I mentioned how I had no idea how lazy I was.

(Insert Murder Eyes Here)

'No, I'm mentally preparing for a Rocky-running-up-the-steps moment.'

Well, there is no time like the present. So here starts a very active week, of the newly (more) active Me.

If you want a jumpstart to your diet or fitness routine, I absolutely recommend Fitbit. It's no joke when you realize how little you moved today. If you already own one, then let's be Fitbit Friends!

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