Ben and Jen: Why It Doesn't Behoove You To Care

The nation is in mourning over the separation of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner. Any time a couple with children separates, it is understandably upsetting. But THIS, America is taking THIS hard. Let me just review a few reasons why you shouldn't spend your time caring, tweeting, and sharing this any longer...

  1. You probably don't know them.
  2. They have seemingly amicably separated, and have asked for privacy. If you like them so much that you are devastated by this, then you should like them enough to not fill the internet with nonsense that they, and their children, can read, which undoubtedly makes them feel worse. I can't imagine what that poor woman feels waiting in line at the supermarket (potentially with her kids!) staring at stacks of trash mags covering her heartbreak.
  3. As you are pouring over stories of how difficult the separation will be on their children, you may possibly have a few of your own that you could be hugging right this very second.
  4. Most likely there are some bits of our own personal relationships, romantic or otherwise, that we could mindfully be tweaking, instead of back-tracking the 'what went wrong's' of someone else's.
  5. Ladies: Ben Affleck is incredibly handsome, and now back on the market.
  6. There is war and poverty that we don't collectively feel so despondent about. That is wrong.
  7. They say money can't buy happiness, but collectively, they are wealthy enough to afford a few spa days, and enough ice cream, to get them through this.
  8. Heartbreak encourages creativity. Maybe Jen will be encouraged to 'spank him in the box office', like she said she always wanted to.
  9. If they are fine with it, you should be, too.
  10. This Bennifer was more fun anyway:[embed][/embed]