Murphy's Law For Mothers

The saying goes, 'The only certainty in life is death and taxes.'. I have found this to be untrue. When you are a mother, you know a few more truths to be self-evident.  Here are 10 things you can bank on:

1. The dirtier the public place you are in, the more likely your child will need to use the restroom. 

2. The longer you spend on your hair and make-up, the more your child will rub their hands on your head and face while you put their shoes on. 

3. The more expensive your child's outfit, the more chocolate ice cream and ketchup it attracts. 

4. The second you get on an important call, your household will break out into riotous insanity. 

5. The second you hang up, your children will play quiet and peaceful. 

6. If you wear white, you will absolutely spill your coffee. 

7. You will never find the top to the first sippy cup you pull out of the cabinet. 

8. The first time you tuck your children in for the night will not be the last. 

9. Your child will wake up late on school days, and early on weekends. 

10. No matter how kid friendly, and well thought out, dinner will always be 'yucky'. 

So next time you are heading off to Walmart, remember to toss some hand sani in your purse, because we all know: You WILL be in their restroom!

Happy Monday, All! 

Comment below if there are any Murphy's Laws that get YOU every time!