Weekend {Easter} Warrior

HIPPITY HOPPITY- EASTER'S ON IT'S WAY!Easter is by far, one of my most adorable and beloved holidays, as a mother. The sun is finally out! The snow is finally melting! If the flowers haven't begun to bloom outside yet; at very least blooms, bouquets, and plants are gifted all around, and it is just so hopeful and rejuvenating!


The 'matchy family outfit' is definitely something I enjoy... and my family knows I'm a little nuts, so no one complains.

My husband and son will be wearing pink polo's, and my daughter and I will be wearing floral dresses.

The dress I got this year is quite possibly, without any word of exaggeration- THE cutest dress that I have ever put on my body.


I will be perfecting my Easter Pintrest Board this evening over some vinho... if any of you would like to follow the board for some quick, last-minute, ideas.


We have so many egg hunts this weekend! I will be starting my April Showers 21 Day Fix Program on Monday with the best Coach ever (Ms. Angeline, in case any of you want to join with her- CLICK HERE!) so I will, no doubt, be shoveling as many Cadbury Crème Eggs as possible into my face before then.

QUESTION OF THE WEEKEND: Do any you guys save and reuse your plastic Easter Eggs after your kids have opened them? I had an awful image in my head this morning of unimaginable amounts of eggs sitting in landfills... year after year...


Maybe saving and re-using our plastic eggs is something we could all try to do this year?

Well... anyway, I hope you all have a delightful run-in with Peter Cottontail this weekend, I hope all of your kids score so much chocolate that they don't even notice when you sneak some from their baskets... and I hope you absolutely revel in the fact that IT IS SPRING, AND ALL IS HAPPY!