Weekend {Homesteading} Warrior

HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX! BIENVENUE SPRING!! I am a little later to the game than I was last year, but this weekend is dedicated to starting our seeds. We consume much produce in this house, so I need to get growing! I am going to start my seeds exactly as I did last year, because I had fast and fantastic results.

Is this your first year growing? Or maybe you just have a bit of misfortune when it comes to growing? Do you need a few helpful hints?

Follow these steps, and your season should begin without a hitch:

You will need:

Seed packets (organic please)

Egg Cartons

Soil (organic please)

Plastic Ziploc baggies

Paper Towels

Sharpie Marker

Hydrogen Peroxide


What To Do

1. Dampen paper towel until thoroughly saturated

2. Gently spread seeds out in a line on the damp paper towel

3. Fold paper towel gently around seeds until it will fit in baggy

4. Put in baggy and clearly mark each bag, as to not confuse seedlings

5. Tape baggy to south facing window for one week

6. Once your week has passed, remove from window and gently unwrap seeds. They should be sprouted.

7. Fill each section of your egg carton halfway with soil

8. Insert seed, marking each segment to keep seeds organized

9. Gently put a small layer of soil over seedling. Don't make it to hard for them to break through.

10. Water with a mixture of half water/ half hydrogen peroxide for the first week. After that regular water will suffice, until large enough to be planted.

That's how simple that is! If I do my seeds this weekend (or anytime this week if you are planning on it), they will be ready for planting by the time last frost rolls around.

Take pictures and show me your seedlings if you are starting your seeds soon! I love how cute it is!!