Be The Change You Wish To See In The World... Oh- And Screw Kim Kardashian

The other day I was bopping along in my car, happy, and slightly care free. Some talk station was on, and I was barely listening. I randomly heard the host start talking about make-up and my ears perked. Cosmetic talk usually pleases me, but this story totally ruined my frame of mind, and more so than that- it rattled me and filled me with absolute rage. Host Question- How much do you think Kim Kardashian spends on make-up per day?

(insert Taylor Swift song and much anticipation here)

Host Answer- $2,000.00 daily

SAY WHAT NOW?! I mean Yeezus, I wasn't born yesterday. I know she doesn't #wakeuplikethis, but TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A DAY? If she #makeupfreemonday-ed just once a month, she could pay my mortgage. *Murder eyes*

I look in my rear view mirror at my four year old daughter, who is growing up into a society of false perfection and misplaced adulation, and suddenly got sad. I hope she knows people like KK are not real. I hope she always feels pretty, especially- and more so, without thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics. I love playing dress up, and getting ready, trying out different looks, and crazy false eyelashes, but at the end of the day- it is not my sole reality.

I started thinking about the millions of girls who may feel inadequate in comparison with KK's lil sis, KK or KK. My heart sank. Do you remember what it is like to be a teenage girl? Ugh, it is so awful. I never felt pretty enough, and I only had people like Brenda and Kelly to look up to (also horrible role models, yes I know).

Millions of teenage girls use social media, Instagram in particular, as a virtual diary, seeking approval and vindication from their peers, in the form of selfies. My daughter may someday be one of these girls. Hard truth.

I took to Instagram and hashtag searched #ugly #imugly. Much to my stomach-sinking-dismay, most of the hastags that accompanied #ugly were #bullied, #suicide, #cutting, #killme... Oh. My.

My heart hurt. All of these poor little girls. Beautiful, make-up free, braces-wearing, gorgeous, little girls. They have no idea how absolutely stunning they are. All I wanted to do was help. But HOW? I mean honestly, what can I possibly do for these random, underage, strangers?


I have spent a portion of every night before bed since I heard that god awful broadcast, doing the only thing I could possibly think to do to help... I go on IG. I search #ugly. I comment #beautiful. I search #cutting. I comment #pleasedont. I search #bullied. I comment #imhereifyouneedme.

I didn't think I would make much difference, but all I could think of was Gandhi's 'You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World.'. That was all I could think to do. The funny thing is... the girls were responsive. They talked with me. Some refrained from cutting because I reached out. They followed my IG and asked me if I could follow theirs in case they needed help. Some just started graciously accepting compliments. #Beautiful


I know I am not making a serious dent in the state of the nation by doing this every night, but honestly, I feel good putting some good out there. Even if one girl stays on track, it is worth it. That one girl, is someone's daughter. And maybe, she needs YOU.

So if you would like to join me in a #beautiful movement, I would be so happy.


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