Reverse Feminism?

Is 'Reverse Feminism' even a thing? IDK what else to call what I'm attempting for the next 30 days... So, that'll have to do. 

Yesterday was my Grandmother's Birthday. The big 8-0. I spent a good while on the phone with her, grilling her about the past 80 years. The subject came up of 'What year did women start wearing pants all of the time?'. Turns out: it was later than I thought (not that I've ever really thought about it). The late 60's, to her recollection. No big deal if you live in SoCal, but super crappy if you live in Boston! She ventured to tell me of how they could only afford stockings sometimes, and they always wore dress shoes (no winter boots! omg). I started to imagine how absolutely difficult it must be to wear a dress every... single... day... Wow. Chasing after small children, carrying groceries up the icy driveway, cleaning the bathroom; These chores sound exponentially harder in heels and a dress, do they not?! I mean, we all wear skirts now and again, but not because we HAVE to, and usually it's more like 'summer afternoon' or 'party', than 'for-no-reason' or 'dead-of-winter'. 

Could I do that? Did I have the mental fortitude to wear a dress everyday, no matter what situation or weather? What if I had no choice? Once upon a not-so-long-ago, ladies literally didn't have the choice. This baffles me still, but whatever. 

So, as a self-inflicted experiment, I decided to see if I could do this for 30 days. Skirts and dresses ONLY for a month. It would teach me to be a little tougher, a little more resilient, slightly more femine, and it would also forge a new level of respect, for a lady I already hold in high esteem. It would remind me of how lucky I actually am, and how much harder life could be, because sometimes I amp up the self-pity, and forget how awesome my life really is. I mean jeez, if I didn't have the option of choosing to wear pants (something I find a simple, yet necessary luxury), God, I just may cry. BUT- If Grandma could do it for 30 years, I can do it for 30 days... I think. 

(If you see me on Instagram in joggers any time soon, please berate me for being a wuss)

So, here is my tribute to my Grandma's 80th. Thirty days of dresses to remind me what a bad a** she is. Anyone want to join me in a little Grandma appreciation? 

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