Don't Throw Your Money Away!!


There are very few things that I scowl at while purchasing. I enjoy shopping so much that I could happily shop for pretty much anything. Groceries, Clothes, Home Goods, Outdoor Equipment, Sporting Goods, (I get slightly bored with, but don't hate) Electronics... You name it; I want to buy it. THESE things though:

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels

Trash Bags

I CANNOT STAND BUYING THESE ITEMS! They are always SO expensive, and literally- all you do is throw them away. No bueno. There are so many things that you should not try to skimp out on: organic foods, designer clothes, clean beauty products, safety items... I wouldn't want mascara from the Dollar Store or a Fire Extinguisher from a Yard Sale, for instance... But, trash bags?! Come on now!

So in my never ending quest to save money for the better things in my world, I racked my brain for a solution. Then it dawned on me- Bingo!

Here is what I did:

First) I signed up for a free 30 Day Trial for Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has free shipping, and also deeper discounts for it's members. Second) I searched for the cheapest, largest lots of the aforementioned items. In my online shopping travels, I learned that if I make my purchases 'Subscriptions' and have FIVE subscriptions in the cue, I would get another 15% off! Freakin FANTASTIC! So, I set up a subscription plan on my Amazon. The option to send your items out on a monthly, 2 month, three month, four month, etc, basis is up to you. I chose tri-monthly. I planned on potentially cancelling my Prime membership after delivery, but the prices are so good, chances are I will keep it.. Listen to the final prices being shipped to me next week, and if you know how to beat them- PLEASE TELL ME!!

Angel Soft 48 Pack Toilet Paper: $18.69 ($0.39 per roll)

Glad Tall Drawstring Kitchen Bags 90 count: $11.70 ($0.13 per bag)

Finish Dishwashing Detergent Pods 90 count: $10.99 ($0.12 per pod)

Brawny Paper Towel Rolls 30 count: $21.24 ($0.71 per roll)

Spectrum Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil 54 oz: $42.49 ($0.39 per oz)

I was pretty pleased with this thrifty shopping spree (with FREE SHIPPING!). I also reveled in the idea that I wouldn't have to carry awkward paper towel and TP packages home from the store anymore. Also, I can change my 'Subscriptions' anytime if I don't feel that I need an item yet.

I just wanted to share this with y'all, in hopes that your wallet finds my brainstorming useful! Do you have any other ideas to save money on these boring household items?? Please share!