Bah-bye Winter Weight

Alright, I've had it. Another snow storm this weekend, and the memories of exercising outdoors are growing dimmer and dimmer. Over the past few snowy weeks, I have been noticing a serious drop in my positive mood and energy level.

I've decided: It is time to preemptively look toward spring. Hopeful, sunny, wonderful spring. I am dedicating these last few weeks of winter to getting my body and my mind right with a serious exercise and supplement plan.

One supplement that I am adding to the arsenal is Garcinia Cambogia. I was asked to review the Garcinia Cambogia Supreme supplement by Life & Food Company. Typically I don't stray from my routine, but I was in the process of implementing changes to my routine already when I was given a bottle to try. I had heard a little bit about it over the years, but knew very little.


GC is a tropical fruit from Indonisia, blah blah. Most people have heard the buzz promoting it as a weight loss supplement over the last few decades, but it has been around for a long time, blah blah blah. Facts, trails, tests, blah. Much reading.


Now: I can safely say that I am happy with my weight NUMBER, and totally fine with my clothing size, BUT, I can also admit, that since the holidays and winter storms began, I am feeling far from healthy. My stomach is no longer that defined, my energy level is LOW, and I have been staring out the window at the snow whilst shoving baked goods in my face. My legs feel weak upon carrying a heavy basket of laundry upstairs. Of all the slippery things in my wintery life, I refuse to let this slippery slope of burying a less than beach-worthy body, under bulky winter clothes. And, so it begins.

I started taking Garcinia Cambogia supplements in the mornings with the rest of my supplements, about a half hour before eating (as suggested in serving information). I did this for a few reasons: GC naturally boosts serotonin levels, which I desperately need with this lack of sunshine, and also improves upon your energy levels. It also slightly suppresses appetite, while inhibiting fat. Like I mentioned, I am not actively pursuing weight loss, and I am definitely not using it as a 'get slim quick' fix. I am using GC as an aide to the at-home workout routine that I have put into effect. Suppressing my desire to watch Kelly and Michael with a fist full of Oreos, is a benefit to me at this stage in the winter game. The energy boost GC gives me in the morning gets my day started in the right direction with a quick workout, and on to the daily grind. The slight appetite suppression is helpful, because I am eating out of pure boredom half the time when I snack during the day, and the fat inhibiting properties of this fruit rind are extra appreciated, as I have been boredom-eating mainly junk. I have had very positive results with GC, and do recommend it as a healthy way to get motivated and in a better mood, (though-always check with your doctor and/or research before taking new supplements!)

I, personally, did much research (do your research!) before choosing a supplement to add to my morning routine, and upon looking into Garcinia, I did find some controversy surrounding it. While it is proven to raise serotonin levels and improve energy on a short term basis, there are no long term trials available to research effects of a sustainable use of this supplement. Also, I have noticed many people claiming to have gaining weight back after discontinuing use of this supplement. That pretty much seemed self explanatory to me, as many of these complaints online, seemed to be condemning it as a 'diet pill' as opposed to something that can encourage and aid your exercise routine.

GC, from reputable companies, such as Life & Food, do not try to promote it as strictly a 'weight loss supplement', which is why I was more inclined to review this product. Each serving is combined with 70mg of Calcium and Potassium each respectively, which I was happy to ingest, and also the capsules are strictly veggie (also a good thing). When purchasing, it is important that you get GC with at least 60% of the plant's active ingredient HCA. I am using is an 80% HCA.


I would never promote using anything as a quick-fix diet pill. I do recommend adding this supplement to your routine if you are feeling lackluster, or like you need a bit of help. But remember- Exercise is always the best way to get to where you want to be! No slacking!!

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*I was given this product to review, but all opinions are my own.