Free Money Apps That You Need TODAY


I, like most of you, can't seem to find the time to effectively 'Coupon'. Sooo, I have spent the past few months trying out all the money saving apps that I could find, to see if I could somehow streamline the money saving process, without printing, clipping, checking dates, etc. Many were a complete waste of time and phone space, but some were actually little goldmines. It took little to very minimal effort to use these apps, and most pay straight to your PayPal account. These are the apps that made the final cut:

1. Reciept Hog

I have to say, this one is actually my favorite. Some of the other apps have larger payouts, but this app is literally simple to use. All you do is snap a picture of your receipt within the app. It processes the amount and store for you, and gives you a coin amount based on the amount you spent. 20 coins for a $200 receipt for instance. This app processes receipts from anywhere that sells food, i.e. supermarket, liquor store, gas station, convenient store, tractor supply, etc. Once you have received 1000 coins (easy to do in about a month) you get $5.00, BUT the reward gets higher the longer you go without cashing out (4500 coins yields $30.00). They also award spins occasionally with the option of scoring either free coins toward your cashout or $100.00.

Payout: PayPal -or- Amazon gift card

If you sign in with my code, you will start off with 5 free spins, which will start you accruing coins.

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2. Ebates

Everyone knows Ebates, I'm sure, but if you aren't utilizing it, you totally should. If I know that I am buying something, I purchase it through Ebates, and THEN go to the store for pickup. I try to never pay in store for anything but groceries anymore. For instance: my car needs a new alternator. I will purchase it today with 8% cashback, and then my husband will pick it up on the way home. The list of stores that run through Ebates is so extensive, there has yet to be a time when I couldn't find the store that I was looking for. Most of the offers through this app come with cashback (percentages vary by store) and free shipping.

Payout: Cash out to PayPal once a month

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3. Ibotta

Ibotta is a pretty cool app. If you enable location services, it devises a list of all the nearby stores, and lists all available rebates. To unlock the rebates, you usually have to answer a quirky, silly, question, or watch a 5 second video. The rebates are totally worth it though. A rebate will either be vague (1 gallon any brand whole milk for a $1.00 rebate) or specific (Buy a six pack of Coke Life), but usually leans toward the vague side on the items you would be purchasing anyway, like milk, bread, frozen pizza, toilet paper, and on, and on. It allows you to build a team and earn off of each other's purchases. The more you use the app and 'badges' you achieve, the more rebates you unlock. You can use this app after you return home with your groceries, which is what I liked about it. You scan each applicable bar code with your phone camera and snap a pic of your receipt, and it tallies everything for you.

Payout: For every $10.00 earned, you can cash out to  PayPal, Venmo, or your choice of Gift Card (Starbucks, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, etc)

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4. CheckPoints

Checkpoints is good. Not great, but good. I use it, but I use it less than the rest, mainly because I find it harder to rack up the points on this app. CheckPoints works pretty much the same way that Ibotta works, but they offer fewer rebates. Usually what I do is cross-reference the rebates and make a mental list of what I plan on buying anyway at the store, and then I use these apps when I am home and putting my groceries away. It will take forever to get enough points for a cashout on CheckPoints, but if you think about it NOW, as money you are putting away for Christmas presents, it sort of puts it into perspective. You can also earn points by watching videos. I have an unlimited data plan, so occasionally, I hit 'Play All', put the volume on mute and walk away from my phone, accruing points for nothing. But, that's just me.

Payouts: Gift Cards for everything from Redbox to Tiffany & Co.

Referral Code: thecloset

Well, that's it guys. The rest of the apps that I tried, I deleted and never looked back. These are the few that I thought were really worth it, and the rebates are as good, if not better than couponing, in my eyes. I like to think of these apps as a marathon, as opposed to a sprint, and I plan on using the gift cards and rebates towards Christmas this year.

Hope you all found this helpful! Happy Shopping!!