You Know You Love A Contractor If...


1. This is in your bathroom: gojo-natural-orange-pumice-hand-cleaner-700x700

2. You send them to work with lunch, and it looks like they are leaving for a week:


3. When their work clothes end up in the wash with your regular clothes; their clothes come out seeming clean, and yours come out seeming dirty:


4. When setting your alarm to 4:30 is considered SLEEPING IN.

5. When you are an expert at digging out splinters:

I'm pretty sure I have taken a razor blade to the skin of every man I know. (Shudders in disgust)


6. In the summer you're all:


And in the winter you're all:


7. Unless they plow or do ice damns, and then you're back at:

'Oh look, hun, it's snowing money again!'


8. There are more pairs of work boots in your closet, than high heels:

Dress WBs, Work WBs, Snow WB's, Last Years WBs, Steel Toe WBs, Comfy Light WBs... I understand.


9. When you hear that someone you love has fallen off a roof, or shot themselves with a nail gun, you reply with, 'Aw really? That sucks!':

Because this happens a lot, and if it was critical, someone would have mentioned it sooner. They'll be fine. Merely a flesh wound. Carry on.


10. Not a single home improvement project in YOUR house EVER gets finished:

'Maybe next weekend...'

Mmmmm hmmm.


11. You hug them extra tight when they leave and extra tight when they come home (no matter how bad they smell) because you know they did 15 dangerous things today, relying on the 15 idiots they work with to keep them safe.

The Kiss of Life - A utility worker giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker after he contacted a high voltage wire, 1967

I love all the contractors in my life. Even though they are stinky, grumpy, dirty, tired, and pretty much useless after 7pm; I couldn't respect these men any more than I already do. They are out in the elements, breaking their bodies for their families day in, and day out. If you love a contractor, give him a pat on the back next time you see him. He deserves it.