Weekend {Hosting} Warrior

I hope everyone had a safe and magical Thanksgiving! We had a blast over here at Castle Greenhouse. Forty-eight hours, two turkeys, five small children, two huge dogs, friends, and a happy couple, pleased to have so much laughter (with scattered bouts of whining ;) ) in their home. So here we are- it's officially Christmas (or Hanukkah!) Season. Four guests just rolled out, and I have a few hours before six more roll in for a cocktails/apps/dessert party tonight. I have wiped my table of Thanksgiving décor, and broke out the Christmas baubles. I strung some lights to make my log cabin room cozy, and fluffed fake snow and gold pine cones for the dry bar. I love hosting, and chaos, and family, and food- I am loving the revolving door of love we have going on this weekend!

Since I only have a few hours to transform the home from Thanksgiving to Christmas, bake and dress for dinner, there are a few simple things that will make my home cozy in no time.

Light Holiday Candles

I am NOT a fan of how Yankee Candles look... but they do happen to make two of my favorite holiday scents: Cherries on Snow and Balsam Fir. I will light both, but not in adjacent rooms as to not have conflicting scents.


Put Cider in the Slow Cooker

Cider, cinnamon sticks and halved oranges in the slow cooker is a simple. Kids and adults love this drink, and with a dash of spiced rum, adults REALLY like it. There are fantastic and slightly more complex cider recipes that I enjoy, but today is hectic, so we are keeping it simple. This will make the house smell cozy and delicious.


Swap Out the Table Runners

Today we are going from burlap to red and gold, large print paisley. Feels warmer in here all ready!


Make a Simple Christmas Playlist

Christmas music playing softly in the background is all anyone needs to get in the spirit. It's early enough in the season where it hasn't made us nuts yet... yet...


Bake Something

Nothing spells holiday quite like season appropriate baked goods. Today I am baking this:


I'll let you know how it comes out!!

I hope you all rest up this weekend, for 'tis the season to be busy! Fa la la la la...