Little Tips To Make Your House Guests Feel Welcome This Thanksgiving

Many of us will have house guests this week. I, personally, am excited for mine, and hopefully you all feel the same way. ;) We have many sleepovers in my house. We love company and spur of the moment slumber parties, with kids and 'grown-ups' alike. The more the merrier! We thrive in absolute chaos, and our home feels so much cozier when there are a slew of people cuddled up on the big couch.

Here are a few tips we think will make your overnight guests feel at home.

Stock Up On The Essentials

Without fail, toilet paper is the first thing we run out of when we have people stay over, especially children. At this point, it is almost a running joke. Stock up on the essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, etc). Plus, decorative tissue boxes are just so fun and adorable!


Thoughtful Toiletries

There is no easier way to make your guests feel welcome than to preemptively prepare for their stay by setting out some thoughtful toiletries. Chances are that someone will forget something, and it is always nice to be prepared with extra contact solution, deodorant, soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Let them feel as if they booked a hotel, rather than are couch surfing as an imposition. Happy guests make a happy home!


If small children will be staying with you as well, Burt's Bees is always a thoughtful addition to your toiletry cache.


Generous Bedding

No matter who you are, or where you are sleeping; if its not your own bed, it is hard to fall asleep. Your guests will sleep better if they aren't struggling with throw pillows and shams on the couch, or thin blankets on a chilly night. Prepare all of your bedding in advance, and make a game plan for where everyone should be sleeping, so that they feel as if there is plenty of room for them. I must admit, we are accustomed to the mad bed dash over here when we have last minute guests, and it typically makes your guests feel like an imposition, unintentionally. Spritz your guests bedding with a linen spray, freshly wash blankets that haven't been used in a while, or store some potpourri in the closet where they are housed a few days in advance to make bedtime a little sweeter. Invest in a few warm throws and a spare pillow or two, just in case.



It is not in MOST people's nature to want to talk 24/7, so prepare your home with magazine and crossword puzzle books (grab them in the checkout line at the grocery store! You'll thank me!) to allow your guests (and yourself) some quiet time during their stay. Try to grab a few that are geared towards things you know your company is interested in. Chances are, your father in law doesn't read Cosmo ;). If you have kids staying with you, coloring books and crayons are also a good idea.


Bottles Of Water

No one is going to enjoy asking you for drinks, sitting in a room strewn with cups (like my house typically ends up), or watching you endlessly wash glasses, so do yourself a favor and stock up on bottles of water. Leaving one or two on your guests nightstand makes the room feel welcoming.


Movie Staples

Young or old... everyone loves a good holiday movie. Redbox carries The Peanuts. Who doesn't love Chuck?!


Well, enjoy the prepping! It's almost here and I can't wait!!