Things You Should Have In Your Home If You Are Over 30

As the years pass, I realize this truth: We never really grow up, we just grow old. Most of us are still the same people we were at 25, just with nicer belongings, less of a tolerance for hangovers, and the expectation floating around us that we are 'more responsible'. We do what we can (though most of the time that doesn't include folding every last bit of our grown-up laundry!). Our homes SHOULD reflect our station in life, if not our maturity level. Here are a few things that should make their way into your home as we flit through our 30's.

An Entertainment Center

If you, your children, or your significant other enjoy video games as much as our household does, a nice entertainment center is critical. We have multiple consoles, a pile of remotes, characters, and wires shooting out in every direction. All we really need to do here is: mask the mayhem. An entertainment center that houses bins is perfect if you live with a slew of gamers, but don't want to look like you live in a frat house.

A Dry Bar

Most of us have kids, jobs, or finances that don't allow for 4 nights a week at the bar. On the other hand- most of us enjoy a fine cocktail. ESPECIALLY if we have kids, jobs, and stressful finances! A nice dry bar in your home is the perfect retreat at the end of a long day. Invest in some nice bar utensils, and keep some of the standards stocked, such as sour mix, grenadine, soda, etc. It is wonderful to fix yourself a nice cocktail when you have a surprise guest, or a night in. If your space doesn't accommodate a full dry bar, then a rolling cart is also smart and chic.

A Nice Hamper

Nothing is worse to look at than dirty laundry. I'll tell you a secret: Laundry looks wayyyyyy worse in a cheap plastic laundry basket. Invest in a nice hamper, that matches your décor, and preferably one that hides the sight of dirty laundry with a washable liner, so you can also extinguish the 'dirty laundry' smell when you leave a wet bathing suit in there for a day too long.

Wine Cooler

Nothing screams 'Adult!' more than a love of good wine. And a nice wine fridge is a fantastic piece for your home. I adore my countertop wine fridge. It houses quite a few bottles and has a dim blue glow through the glass, making my dry bar (or your kitchen counter!) look quite handsome.

Decorative Hand Towels

Your bathroom should feel like a spa, not the public pool. I know its not easy, and somedays- actually impossible... but get the kids toys off the floor, shut the shower curtain, and hide the character towels whenever possible. Instead: Light a candle and put out some decorative hand towels. If you can't keep a candle lit, try a refreshing scent in reed and oil.

A Bookshelf

Your bookshelf says a lot about you. It is imperative to your décor that you fill it with worthwhile things. Try to not overload it with trinkets, or DVD cases. Instead, display your pretty hardcovers (while leaving your 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy upstairs), be selective about your frames and photos, and keep the knick-nacks to a serious MINIMUM. I have a white theme in my dining room, therefore all of my white books are in my white bookshelf in that room. And my absolute joy? Color-coding bookshelves in your prettier rooms.

Serving Dishes

We all love take-out and a low key night. Those of us with small children, have the occasional day play date with accompanying parents. Some of us host dinner parties, or even our first holidays at home this year. All of these things are made nicer with a good serving dish. All food looks best on a white plate. Investing in a few white serving dishes is a very valuable offering to your adult self.

If you are missing any of these items in your home- it is the perfect time of year to add them to your Christmas list!

Are there any staples that you think I missed? What can you not live without? What items dress your home up?