Weekend {Stay Warm} Warrior

Most of us have a long, busy week coming up, so my main focus is staying warm, rested, and calm this weekend. There is much cleaning, cooking, planning, shopping, and commuting in the near future, so be kind to yourself before the holiday season kicks into high gear, and get yourself a little cozy. Rest and recharge! The next two days will be full of cozy-making activities, to distract myself from dwelling on the fact that it is finally, honest-to-goodness, cold outside, and that I'm going to have to go out there at some point and accept it. Wearing Cozy Socks

Soft, fluffy, socks. Cuddling on the couch in soft, fluffy, socks. Soft, fluffy, socks inside comfy Uggs. It all makes me feel warm and cozy inside. I'm doing it.


Sitting By The Fire

If you know me, then you know that sitting by the fire is pretty much my full-time job. If I can find a reason to tend it, cook on it, stoke it, or plug my laptop in next to it, believe me... I will. Hearing a gentle crackle, catching a soft steam from the water pot on the wood stove, feeling the warmth on my face as I tend it, seeing the warm glow through the woodstove window; it's a feeling that turning the thermostat up to a toasty 71 just cant compete with. On a sensory level, it is just so relaxing. If you do not have fire in your home, I highly recommend investing in an electric piece. They are capable of heating large spaces, and provide the same calming effect, that I truly can't do without.


Electric version:


Lighting Candles Everywhere

I have a candle obsession at all points and seasons. This time of year, more then ever, I adore the scents. Slatkin & Co. has a line of fall candles that are fantastic.  Candles are the easiest way to set the mood of your home, and even elevate the spirits of its inhabitants. All the while cozi-fying your castle. Just be sure to not use conflicting aromas in tight quarters.

candlesfall candlesfall2

Throw Something Hearty In The Slow Cooker

Two very important things required for resting and recharging this weekend are traditionally conflicting. Good meals, and relaxation. As a mother of two young'uns and two huge dogs, I can safely say that dinner time is hectic, and while I enjoy presenting a pretty and well rounded meal to my family, I can also say that doing so isn't necessarily paired with adjectives such as... relaxing... restful... peaceful... Most nights it becomes literal mayhem, as smells waft off to tiny stomachs that are starting to get hungry, and all things Man and Beast appear in my kitchen to fuss for food. That is why this weekend- is a slow cooker weekend. There is such a calm to casually incorporating ingredients as you walk by the kitchen or taste test throughout the day. Ahhh, I'm Zen just thinking about it.


Simple Baking

Nothing intense is coming from my oven this weekend, but I do think it encourages a cozy atmosphere for the family to see me, aproned, in the kitchen, no matter how briefly. There are so many quick and easy bakery recipes out there, and who doesn't love a warm cookie, after dinner, in cozy socks, while sitting by the fire? ;)


Change Out The Bedding

My better half actually handled this as a surprise to me last night while I was out with the girls. At midnight, after a LONG drive home from Cambridge on a chilly night, I was literally overjoyed to climb into new, soft, flannel sheets (#manofmydreams).  I will take some time this weekend to clean the linen closet and swap out for the warmer comforters and blankets. P.S. If you don't have flannel sheets, put it on your list for Santa.


Get Buzzed On Apple Cider

That's right. It is critically important to my restful weekend that I get to enjoy at least two (but probably three) hot ciders with rum. If you have never made spiced cider, I will post the non-alcoholic recipe tomorrow, to which you just add your favorite spiced rum.


Read Under Fuzzy Blankets

Knee deep into Gone Girl, and NO- I haven't seen the movie, so don't tell me!! Catching up on reading, as opposed to staring at your phone, is good for your soul. Do it.


Well, that's it! If you need me, now you know where to find me... but please don't come looking. ;)

What are you doing this weekend?