Simple Fall Table

A house full of children boasts very 'lived in' looking rooms. I have learned to fully embrace this emblem of motherhood, and began leaning towards calling my home's look 'Rustic Chic' (my perfectionist side grimaces, as it looks up from its copy of Elle Décor). falltable3

Fully knowing that every item on my table will be picked up, dropped, played with, and moved around; I opted for a very casual, simple, kid-friendly, Fall table this year. Nearly every item is a 'found item', and at most, the whole scheme cost roughly $10-12.00, including the runner, gourds and spray paint.


This gold-flecked burlap runner was $4.00 on clearance, due to pulls throughout. Having a rough idea in mind that it would be mostly covered anyway, I grabbed it. I don't see any pulls, do you? ;)


The plate is one of my own serving dishes, as is the sole metal wine glass that lingers in my cupboard most of the year, purposeless. Today it dons a pumpkin nearly regal! Random candle sticks, and dollar gourds from the grocery store fill up most of the runner. It just still seemed slightly bare...


...So I dressed the kids and sent them to the yard to gather pine cones and leaves, to be spray painted for filler. They had so much fun! It was a nice activity for us to do for an hour or two outside, and when we came in, the fresh air had worn them out enough where I even caught a slight break.


Taking a daydreamy minute, afternoon tea in hand, looking towards next year, when our home renovation is slightly more complete, our wedding is our first anniversary, and our kids are another year older, when I can break out the fancier (and more breakable!) décor.

Alas! I would never rush past these wonderful moments in time- and certainly not for glass pumpkins or crystal candelabras! RusticChic4Life if it means my days are full of snuggles and cocoa with my children. They are my 'Thanksgiving' every single day, and I have never been more grateful in my life!