Just A Lil Something... No Big ;)


Do you have someone to impress this Holiday Season? A Mother-in-Law, latest crush, those PTO moms (grumble), your boss? Well, this is how you do it:First, put on this:


Then, a little musak:


After which, pour lots of this:


I'm going to go ahead and emphasize the need for much wine, as this is a long recipe. Just my take on it. Do what you will.

So here we are; ready to wow the heck out of that certain friend or foe. I got this recipe from my flavorite ;) recipe sites- Yummly. It is the most intricately flavored dessert I have ever tasted. Spiced apples atop a creamy cheesecake, over a ginger snap crust, covered in a caramel sauce made from Captain Morgans, and sprinkled with walnuts. I mean... REALLYYY NOWWW. you should prob just say, 'Screw everyone else.', make it, and then hole up in your house for a week. It's pretty much that good. My brother has named it 'The Lord's Cheesecake', and the Brad to my Angelina has been eating it for breakfast every morning. So there ya go.


Ok, so let's do this... Here is the recipe link.


A few tips:

I added twice as much vanilla to my cheesecake batter.

Make sure your cream cheese is completely room temp. I did NOT, and I broke my beater as a result. :(

When serving, let sit for 10 minutes before cutting, as to not separate the crust accidentally.

If you would like to make an alcohol free version, all you have to do is leave out the spiced rum from the caramel recipe. I tried it both ways. :)

Give your cake a rustic look by unevenly packing the crust in, and oddly distribute the batter. I force a butter knife up and down around the springform pan before dismantling to muss up the sides.

I cook my cheesecake in a disposable turkey pan 1/3 full of water, wrapped in tinfoil.

The center will jiggle when you take it out of the oven. If you have cooked it for the appropriate amount of time, this is totally normal so DON'T continue to cook it.

BEST OF LUCK KNOCKING THEIR SOCKS OFF!! Let me know how yours comes out!!