Walk Around The Color Block


Heya! Today I color-blocked the heck outta my life and loved every minute it. Color blocking is by no means new news, but its flame still burns on, so fan away. Today I broke in my new color blocked French Connection sweater in camel and grey. I color blocked my nails to tie in my sweater with my jewelry. So fun!


Since my sweater and skinny jeans were a tad too preppy to support my boho turquoise jewelry, I put on my Swarovski fade-to-blue hoops to dress the look up a little, and bring the blue hues of my rings closer to the grey in my sweater.

Color blocking is everywhere and I am all over it. Here is some ootd inspiration for you bold b*****s out there:


And shoes!:


And my obsession with my home renovation has brought me to drool over this color blocked room:


But until that wish comes true, I'm just going to color block my nails to death and dream...