I'm Judging Your Tablecloth, Just So You Know...


In life, wrinkles are pretty much never good. I assume we are all in agreement there. A beautifully set table, though? Divine! I love tablecloths. Like, I LOVE them. They so effortlessly make 'food' seem like a meal, and a 'blah' table feel warm and welcoming. Beyond that: you can turn any meal, mac and cheese to mignon, into a masterpiece, if your table looks pretty. Buttttt.... when your tablecloth is wrinkled, tattered, stained -OR- made out of plastic (nOoOoOoooo), it can ruin the appeal of your meal. Even the 'on purposey' wrinkles, I still just can't really get behind: IMG_1765.JPG

So, here is a tiny, little life-hack for all you humans out there that can't even fathom taking the extra half hour out of your packed day to bust out the iron, amidst the barrage of other chores, work, and children begging for everything under the sun; but still want a nice looking table:


Take your linen out of the dryer while it is still damp. Lay taut on table making sure to smooth all sides and crease all edges appropriately. Let it air dry the rest of the dampness away.

No wrinkles! So easy. Remember- Friends don't let friends serve dinner on a wrinkled tablecloth.




Happy Holiday Dinner Season, All!!