K-Cup K-Hole


My family subscribes to the philosophy of: Go big, or go home. For this reason, I was NOT surprised that due to a faint mention of purchasing a Kuerig, (because it will make life so much easier!, I justify) I now have the K350 Kuerig 2.0 sitting on my counter, a mere 12 hours later. IMG_1696.JPG I'm here to give this nifty device a rave review and 2 thumbs up. It is SO convenient; instead of making me read instructions (the horror!), it politely prompted me on how to set up and brew on its digital screen. This particular model, not only makes individual cups, but also brews 4 cup carafes. It is sleek and chic looking on the counter, and even has a built in water filter. Divine! Happy Caffinating!