Waxing Jagger Poetic Over A Spot

As the famous poet, Mick Jagger, once said, 'I've got a nasty habit; I take tea at three.'. That is my typical 'I-finally-dumped-my-cold-old-coffee-down-the-sink/I-need-tea time. My tea drawer is intense. My honey collection is never-ending. I rely on tea all year round to cure what ills, whether it be bad mood to legitimate illness. This time of year, I mean business. I can't get sick! Ain't nobody got time fo dat! There is a particular brand of tea that I, more often than not, rely on: Traditional Medicinal. They are serious herbalists, and they take pride in their company. Many of their teas are organic, which means the quality of the herbs consumed is, by far, more useful to your system than a non-organic tea.


The Traditional Medicinal website offers a 'Plant Personality' test that you can take in about 2 minutes. I found it comforting that my 'plant personality' presented me with two of my favorites, Dandelion Root and Echinacea, along with one I have yet to try, Slippery Elm.


Evenings; Nighty Night is fantastic. When people around me are sick, or I am feeling run down, I drink the Echinacea Plus. After a few drinks on the weekend, I start the next morning with EveryDay Detox. Ginger With Chamomile after a large meal. Throat Coat after a night of screaming at a concert. And so on. They literally have a tea to compliment however you may be feeling.


They also have a Kids Teas line, for the babes in your world.

A disturbing amount of my favorite raw honey, and all is well!


Have you tried this tea brand? If so- what is your favorite type?