Polished Polish


When I find something I like, I attack it. I acquire every color and variation, and I wear/eat/stare at whatever the momentary object of my affection may be. I've embraced this side of myself, which is why I had no reservations regarding my decision to purchase every color CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish I could find. Don't judge me. covergirlpolish6

Now that we are knee deep into fall, most stores (grocer, drug, etc) is clearing out their inventory to make room for newer colors. How fantastic for us all! My grocer had marked down my favorite polish to 50% off... Possibly he is in cahoots with yours? You'd be wise to check.


I would wear most of the early season colors at some point or another over the winter anyway, as they are all fairly season neutral.


This is my polish du jour, for absolute certain. I've been wearing it exclusively for the better part of this year. It goes on smooth and dries quick. What more can a girl ask for?

What do you think about this polish? What are your thoughts about wearing a pasts seasons color?

Comment below- I'm curious if you believe this to be a no-no, because I definitely don't!!