Just Another Manic Monday


I have-never/will-never subscribe to the 'no white after Labor Day' theory. White is so sweet and innocent in the Summer; in Winter, white becomes a sexy, rebel yell. Being that it's Monday, I wanted to start the week off on the right Minnetonka, so I put together a black and white, no nonsense, office look, to jump start my motivated element for the week.When you look good, you feel good, and all that Monday morning pep-talk mumbo... Keeping in mind: It's harder to ditch the Jammie's on this, more than any other day. I went for comfort, above all. Minnetonka makes THE most comfortable, adorable, dress up/dress down, moccasins, and pairing them with white cotton slacks, makes for a home -or- office worthy outfit. IMG_1623-0.JPG A sheer, loose, striped blouse over a black bra, buttoned fully is tastefully tacky, but to make it office worthy, you need an extra element to distract the eye. I played on contrast and layered a black lace tank over the blouse. Mixing patterns is trendy, yet rebellious, and the simplicity of the black and white color scheme, keeps it from being too overwhelming, or too much of a fashion risk, for those who prefer to keep it simple.

IMG_1624.JPG A quick strand of pearls OVER the collar and a dash of color with a red belt, and you are ready to go. Minimalist accessories are best with a bold contrast of color and pattern. I had to talk myself out of my fur bag today, just for this reason. Instead, I opted to carry just a wallet (Guess, of course).

IMG_1621.JPG And, we're good to go! Happy Monday, Everyone! Go get 'em!