The MOMENT Everything Changed

Most of my life is spent with one Ear Bud in. This helps me to focus my busy mind. Though, mood inspired playlists are often in the queue, I spend the majority of my time listening to lectures and audio books.

Recently, the Universe brought me back to Eckhart Tolle. Last summer I swallowed 'A New Earth' whole, and it was delightfully Self nourishing. I promptly powered through 'The Power of Now'. Lately, I have been pouring over his interviews, and lectures, on YouTube.

His concept is far from new (as a matter of fact, much of it is regurgitated), though he brings a calm to it that resonates with me. Ram Dass brings it to you in 'Be Here Now'. Thich Nhat Kahn delivers it to you in the form of Zen Buddhism. It is a simple statement of logistics:

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have." -Eckhart Tolle

When you begin to live in the eternal Now, a meaningful shift begins to take place in your life. You realize the importance of all things, and you begin to live in accordance with your best Self. Conceptually, we can understand this theory to be accurate. Theoretically, we can recognize the benefits. Practically, it is sometimes easier said than done, but when you start living out this belief, life becomes glorious. The important and meaningful things in your life will rise to the surface, like oil on water.

There is no longer room to dwell on the motorist that cut you off, and sped away; you are busy appreciating the new moment. Aimlessly scrolling through your phone becomes less important than committing to memory the sound of your child humming while they draw. We look up, instead of down. In all moments Love becomes the most important thing. You become more beautiful and magnetic.

In becoming more aware of my Now, I find that I kiss my children more, I tell my husband that I love him every chance I get, my time is spent in the most productive ways, and the focus is always appreciating what is in front of me. Every chance I get, I am letting the Universe, and the people I love, know that I am grateful for ALL OF IT. EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. In doing this, I have brought myself tremendous and bountiful joy.

I am taking this moment to spread love and appreciation to you. Thank you for being here with me in the virtual space I call home. Namaste.