It's All Happening

Today marks a new year for The Closet Electric, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am.

When you first start out as a blogger, it is sometimes challenging to find your way. The internet is vast, choppy water to tread, and you are out there without a life jacket, just kind of floating along, hoping to find that Island of Acceptance, where your 'tribe' (as Danielle LaPorte calls it) can happily reside. I, very luckily, quickly found mine, and am basking in the sun right now. In one year, The Closet Electric has grown to a social following of over 9,000 people. This is something I am grateful for on a daily basis. Truly.

Recently, I had a conversation with a like-minded soul, Jenn Sutkowski, of Perfume to the People. I was in the process of considering the direction I wanted to take this endeavor in its next year. I had been recently feeling as if I wasn't fully being my 'whole self' when it came to my writing. Yes, everything I was writing about was from my mind, to my hand, but I wasn't letting my full self shine, because I felt a slight obligation to appeal to the size of the audience that I had accumulated. In just a few short sentences, Jenn reeled me back in to the reason I began this site in the first place. A few nights of meditation, and I was back to center. Whatever success follows me now, I thank her for her kind words.

In my journey to 'returning to center', I realized I needed a fresh start. Over the past year, my mailbox has been stuffed on the daily, with packages from companies and designers that want me to wear, eat, share, and declare my love for, their products. Many I do love; many live in a corner of my office, never to see the light of day.  I just was feeling a little empty about it all. I wanted to share the passion of people LIKE ME. People who do what they do, because they love it, because they can't stop, because they need to create. I wanted to declare my love for things because I truly felt love for them, not because a big company wanted me to be their walking commercial. Not that I don't love getting clothes...

So here we are. A fresh start, a new year, and a new home for The Closet Electric, with an addition that I am overjoyed to bring you: an Artisan Shop- The Shop at TCE. The Shop at TCE features American Artisans, and their ware. I am proud to support artists, as well as promote brands that create in the United States of America. Bringing jobs home is very important to our economy, and I hope that you can proudly support this cause as well.

made in america

That being said, I want to extend my arms out to my tribe, for a group hug of gratitude, and thank you all for being a part of this wonderful life with me.