8 Habits Of Successful People

Often times when we look at successful people, we assume it all just comes naturally.  We attribute their good fortune to luck or circumstance. The fact remains; Many successful people have come from humble beginnings and refused to give up on themselves. More than that- many successful people work very hard to REMAIN successful.

Here are a few tips to help you rise from the ashes, to whom you were meant to be:

1. Start each day with intention

Prepare yourself for the next day by writing down a list of what you would like to accomplish. Add at least one task that will get you closer to your long term goal, no matter how small that task is. Keep this list with you and hold yourself accountable for completing it. Tackle the hardest job first, or 'eat the frog', as Mark Twain quipped, and the rest is less daunting.

2. Believe you have already achieved your goals


It has been stated as far back as the Bible that if you imagine you have already received what you desire, it will be yours. Einstein reaffirmed this notion in his study of Sir Isaac Newton's discovery: The Law of Attraction. Some of the most successful people, in terms of finances and personal development, make it well known that they, first: visualize that they have already achieved their success, and second; receive their success. The bestselling book, The Secret, describes in a very approachable way, the manner in which you should go about asking the Universe for your success. This school of thought has been adopted by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Will Smith.

3. Begin with motivation

Music has many therapeutic benefits, one of which is mood alteration. If you find it challenging to get your day going, try setting your favorite song as your alarm to get yourself fired up. You will be hard pressed to ignore your goals with a motivational song to start the day.

4. Chose a mentor

In the #1 Personal Finance book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, author Robert Kiyosaki explains how as he has amassed his millions, many friends and acquaintances have approached him for jobs and loans, but very few have asked for advice in procuring their own success, which he would have happily fostered. Chose a mentor and seek out their advice. If you can not personally engage your mentor, listen to their lectures, audio books, and interviews online. 

5. Become the eternal student

Successful people never stop seeking knowledge. They learn from their failures, and their achievements. They learn from the greats, and each other. Online courses are available for nearly any subject imaginable, and many are free. Watch tutorials, read books, and attend lectures and seminars related to your field. Explore, take chances, and stay curious.

6. Dress the part

The cliche 'dress for success' has merit behind it. Opportunity surrounds us all daily, you just need to know where to look. Be ready to seize your fortuitous fate, by looking ready for anything. You wouldn't accept an award or interview for a new position in yoga pants, now would you? 

7. Listen to audio books

Successful people know: you need to stay ahead of yourself to reach your goals. Double up on tasks by listening to niche specific audio books while you cook, clean, or commute. Enjoy motivational audio books while you shower, dress, and groom. Have one headphone in all day long. You may be surprised at how far an afternoon of stimulating non-fiction can project you towards your goals.

8. Create vision boards

Visualization has been proven to be a key to successful goal setting. Create a board of what you want to accomplish and where you would like to end up. Keep this board somewhere you will see it daily, so that your conscious self, as well as your sub-conscious, self can propel you in the right direction.


Well wishes and best of luck in your endeavors!