Be Warned: It's Contagious!

Around this time of day, I start dragging. If I sit down for a second- forget it, I'm down for the count. It's too late in the day for caffeine, and honestly, it would probably make me feel worse anyway. A nap is not a part of my reality and responsibilities await. I need SOMETHING. This is going to sound so simply dorky, but it's sometimes all I really need... A laugh.

Laughing is an instant mood boost, and filling your lungs fully with air increases vascular flow and oxygenates your muscles, while giving your whole body a happy, mini-workout. Laughing also defends against respiratory infections and boosts your immune system (so if you get sick, don't blame Bill Murray, he tried his best to keep you healthy).

Take five; YouTube a funny video, and see how quickly you pep up! Share the happy. Post your favorite funny videos in the comment section and let us all enjoy!

Remember this glorious truth: LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS!