10 Ways To Create Extra Income That Works With Your Schedule

When we work for other people, we sometimes run into the old adage 'more month at the end of the money'. Finding additional sources of income can be challenging. Here is a short list of ways to boost your income potential:

1. Start a Blog

There are countless ways to earn income blogging (or vlogging). The world can be your oyster if you are persistent, and consistent in this venture. Endless resources are available for free online to walk you through the process of starting a new blog, and the start up cost is as little as $0 to begin. Be warned- Blogging is not for the faint of heart. It could take a month to a year, to build a following, during which time your blog will be purely a labor of love. If you are looking quick cash- this may not be for you.

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2. Tutoring

Post an ad offering tutoring help after school, or for home-schooled children, online, or in your local library, school, or supermarket. Maybe offer to host a Math Tutoring Meet-Up in your area. Charge for your time. If you can manage to get a group going, you will have increased your hourly earning potential exponentially.

3. Laundry Service

Visit local laundromats, and speak to the owner about running a Wash-Dry-Fold service in their facility. Extend your services to drop off and pick up Wash-Dry-Fold at local Assisted Living Facilities. 

4. Dog Walking/Pet Care 

Many people can't care for their pets properly. There are many long term and short term situations in which people need care for their pets. A new mother, a disabled individual, the elderly, or simply just someone who has a long work day, may need someone to come in and walk or care for their pet. Post ads, see who bites! (Pun intended)

5. Grocery Delivery

Similarly to number four, some people are not able to get their shopping done. Here comes YOU to the rescue. Have them email you a list, shop and deliver to their door.

6. House Staging

Many times when people list their homes for sale, they don't realize the disservice they do themselves by keeping all of their belongings 'out and about'. If you understand 'flow' and grasp design concepts, and simplified decor, then open a Home Staging business for the realtors in your area to recommend to their clients. This is a very lucrative business that you can do in your free time. If you treat the venture seriously, and treat your listings 'tactfully', you could wind up with endless referrals.

7. Amazon Shop

If you have an eye for sales and trends, then this is for you. Have you ever walked through a store and seen something you knew was under-priced, or on clearance? Scoop it up and list it in your Amazon Shop for a profit!

8. Social Media 

Many business owners do not have the time to consider their social media standings. This is unfortunate, because it could greatly improve their business. Pitch them this concept in a professional manner, and if you are tech savvy, with a decent camera and a flare for description, maybe YOU could be getting paid to do their social posting. Restaurants, clubs, gyms, day cares, thrift shops... explore them all until you find a proper fit for you. 

9. Elder Companion

If you are a kind and loving person that enjoys bringing joy into people's lives, an elder companion position may be perfect for you. Reading, playing board games, walks, crafts, or a drive in the country may be things you could do as an elder companion. Post some ads in you local nursing homes, or online. Discuss coordinating activities, or game nights, with the senior centers near you. Host a senior dance or movie night in their facilities for a small admission.

10. Website Design

Believe it or not, designing a website is much easier than it sounds. Hosts, like SquareSpace, provide you with template options, and you input your own photos and language. You do not need to know code or be a 'tech genius'. All you need is patience, a keen eye, and a good pitch for your clientele. Take some time to familiarize yourself with website design, and when you feel confident, offer your services to local businesses.

There you have it- A list of 10 things you can do to boost your income potential, and some from home, even! 

Have you tried any of these ideas out? Do you have any creative income ideas that we missed? Tell us about them and maybe we will feature them in our next installment!



*Check your state and local laws and bi-laws before you begin any business venture. Always be sure you are putting yourself in a safe situation with any in-home dealings.