TCExWhatToWear || Young, Fabulous & Broke - On The Road

The Universe knew exactly what I came for at the Fame Show, NYC over the weekend. If you were in the city Sunday, you know just how brutally cold it was. If you weren't: imagine your eyeballs freezing over immediately upon setting foot outside, and you have a good frame of reference. It was a blogger's nightmare. No street style photos, no suede boots dared to touch the slushy pavement, and every #ootd was buried under layers and parkas. 

That terminal 'ice cream headache' feeling of pure distress from hailing a cab had me sort of discombobulated. I grabbed my Press Pass, strolled through the gates and ducked into the first designer's booth to gather my thoughts. Soft, flowy, boho, ombre everywhere. The trendy neon flashed 'On The Road', and a gorgeous blonde sipping champagne greeted me. Something about On The Road seemed so familiar...

The reason? That gorgeous blonde was Young, Fabulous & Broke Founder, Heidi Cornell-McKenna, and On The Road is her new baby. YFB takes California boho-chic to the next level, and their ombre is unparalleled. When I say it is one of my obsession brands, I literally mean: my closet rivals their showroom. Everything Heidi does is gold to me. She may have gotten that impression by the amount of times I hugged her during our convo, but NBD right? Everybody fan-girls out at some point. 

Spoiler alert - Their Spring line is perfection. Do yourself a favor and follow them on social so you don't miss out on anything!

Check out On The Road's super sexy promo video below, and tell me you didn't swoon. (You will be lying.)