TCExLifestyle || Room Tour + The Konmari Method

Happy {rainy} Tuesday, guys! I am taking the opportunity to jump-start my Spring cleaning, since the weather is less than inviting outside today in New England. Even though it is not a great day for pictures, I did want to share with you how I reduced the amount of 'stuff' that needs to be cleaned everyday, so forgive the picture quality.

Fewer chores + More free time = Happier you

First off I will give you the room tour, and then I will tell you the little things I did to keep it consistently clean and clutter free, even though I have two home-schooled children {meaning they are never NOT here making messes}, and two giant dogs, that do everything in their power to de-rail my best efforts.

The living room is the only room in the house that has large shiplap walls and ceiling. It brings a cozy, country feel to the space, especially when the wood stove is blazing, but it did offer a hefty decor challenge. Since the walls and ceiling are so dark already, and stained such a warm color, I had to incorporate lots of light and metals into the space to even out the color temperature in here.

First things first, we tore out the old, dark carpet that came with the house. We purchased a large house, built in the 1930's, so we had more than a handful of things to renovate, and didn't want to spend a fortune. I obviously couldn't lay a traditional colored hardwood with the walls and ceiling that color, so I opted to lighten the space with a distressed beach wood laminate. I know: Ew laminate. I actually prefer laminate at this period of my life. No maintenance {waxing, polishing, poly}, no matter how many times the kids push the furniture around to build forts it won't gauge, and my giant beast pups can't scratch it with their nails. I have hardwood in the rest of my house and after a few years of 'Us' it looks sad.

I added some additional natural light and brightness by covering the walls in metallic framed mirrors, to reflect the whites from the kitchen and the sunshine from the kitchen windows.

Everything has a rustic, cabin-like feel in this room. It's like a retreat room from the rest of the traditional house. The decor is vintage, the wood is distressed, and the metal tarnished. I added tons of plants to make it feel light and breezy. I love knowing that even with a fire going and two giant dogs, the air in this room is always clean and healthy.

Now on to how I made it relaxing, cozy, and {almost} always clean. Fun fact about me: 92% of the time I have an audio book going on my phone. I happened to listen to The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. It was life-changing in a good, and a semi-bad way {I applied it to my closet and regret a few of my vintage dress give-aways}.

Marie has a phenomenal system. If you have read it, you know she is bare-boned when it comes to wardrobe, decor, kitchen ware, etc. She has a few habits that did resonate with me and when I put them into effect it changed my life for the better. I have to say, I will never, ever, EVER empty my purse out every time I get home and put its contents away, as she does, but I respect where she is coming from. 

So, what did I take away from her book?

The Konmari Method is straight forward. If it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it. That being said; I once had a large entertainment center with game consoles and wires and a big flat screen tv right here. I disliked listening to whatever youtuber my kids were watching, and seeing their little brains melt as they zoned out watching it. I didn't like all the electrical I was seeing. I didn't enjoy putting away headsets and controllers and portals and game amebos. So, away it went. I didn't huck my tv out the window {DON'T do that}, but we moved it upstairs so that tv time became a 'treat', instead of a way of life. Now we relax and actually LIVE in the livingroom. Go figure!

In this {incredibly dark- sorry} picture, you can see that I incorporated the Konmari Method on our small mantle. I added the milk glass in a low-to-high sequence, encouraging my brain to pick up on the subtle cue of always aiming higher and pursuing greatness.

I removed all of our end tables, and instead left a rustic tray on the ottoman. My end tables were consistently covered in forgotten drinks, toys, granola bar wrappers {kids!}, etc. You name it; the tables collected it. I was tired of cleaning them, so I removed the end tables from the equation, and replaced them with large plants. Mentality: if there is no place for people to abandon clutter; they won't! 

Now, my tray 'sparks joy'. I removed {almost} every bit of impractical decor in the room, and kept just what was happy-making, or a necessity item. A sage bundle for keeping the energy clean in this room, plants for fresh air, rose quartz {in accordance with Feng Shui; Rose Quartz in your west facing room brings much love}. My beloved vintage pistol mug holds pens and pencils, as we all end up working or drawing out here, now that the tv is gone. It's a relaxation you can't quite put a finger on to sit with a book, and a record gently playing. 

I also had very sweet, vintage baskets that were full of cozy, rolled blankets. I actually would have never removed that aspect had my children not been dumping the clean blankets on the floor {on which the dogs promptly lay} and using the baskets for forts, stuffed animal beds, pretend race cars. It was making for a lot of extra laundry, and a lot of extra messes. Sad that they are gone, not sad I no longer have the mess they encouraged.

All in all, I am so, so pleased with the results of the Konmari Method in my living room. I do have a twitch here and there to shop, or buy more, or fill empty space, but I fight it. I firmly believe that we are a product of our environment, so it may as well be a nice one!

Have you tried the Konmari Method? Let me know how it went!