TCExLifestyle || Mother's Day Gift Round-Up

Take it from me - being a Mom is tough business. Sometimes though, shopping for a Mom is even tougher. I'm going to do a little gift round up here for those of you who have no idea what to get your mom this year.

Every picture is shoppable, so if you see something your Ma will like, click away!

The Roomba

Ok, now stay with me here, because this first one is one of those cliche no-no's - never gift a Mom a vaccuum - but I swear! This one will be well received! I promise!

I got MYSELF one of these bad boys, and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. Especially for those Moms of Fur Babies. 

They are kind of pricey, but worth their weight in gold, so round up the siblings for a pitch-in gift if the price point is a little too high.


Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl is just sweet and timeless to gift on Mother's Day. MOP comes in black too, did you know? Here are some awesome examples of Mother of Pearl that will totally bump you up to 'Favorite Child' status:


Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry BOX is nice, but an ARMOIRE is so much nicer :) Seriously, hanging necklaces is problematic, and the only way to do it properly is in an armoire. I, personally, have the mirrored version of this one:



If your favorite lady likes to garden, a terrarium is a super cool idea (this suggestion is a well placed hint for my own husband).



Hope these mentions sparked some ideas for ya! I'll throw a few more your way in the next few days in case you still need some guidance. Happy hunting, now go text your mom that you love her!