TCExBeauty || Morning Routine With BeautyCounter

Ever since I hit my 30's I have been super selective about what I put on my face. I try to eternally opt for natural ingredients. Most days, time is tight, so that whole Pinterest board I have full of DIY makeups and cleansers (although I am steadfast to my deodorant DIY) is merely a daydream.

I have tried so many 'safe' products, such as Pure Haven, which I felt very lackluster about. All of the hopeful money I spent on Pure Haven is still sitting in my bathroom gathering dust. There was not a single product that I felt happy wearing. It either smelled weird, felt weird, or went on like dragging clay across my skin. No bueno.

I was fairly certain I (as a person who loves makeup) was never going to find safe products that were actually good, until I was gifted some BeautyCounter products by a girlfriend. I have been using them for about a month now, and I am happy to share my review of these products because I finally found an awesome brand with an awesome mission. I wanted to share my current morning routine with you guys in case you are also on the hunt for a safe alternative to face and skin care.


If you have read my post about not washing my face, you already know that I don't scrub the heck out of my face on the daily, but I do like to heavily moisturize in the morning. When I first wake up, I do a nice heavy coat of coconut oil on my face, and then I go make my coffee. That gives my skin a few minutes to absorb the good stuff. Coconut oil is antibacterial and is very similar to your skin's natural oil, so its super healing and lovely on your skin. While the coffee is brewing I gently pat my face dry and apply BeautyCounter Nourishing Day Cream. I'm slightly gluttonous, so I do four pumps and make sure I completely cover my face and neck.


While that soaks in, I juice a grapefruit, and take some fish oil and turmeric supplements. Vitamin C is critical to all health, skin/beauty/body. Sometimes I juice two, because like I said: I'm a glutton. If you don't have a juicer I highly recommend getting one. This is the one I have been using for five happy years:


After hydrating my body and face, I head back to the vanity and apply the Skin Tint Hydrating Foundation. This stuff is so great. Nice coverage, goes on smooth, but not at all heavy. I let it settle into my skin for a few while I work on my {crazy} hair. 

Once I feel the foundation has set (just about a minute or so) I give it a few sprays of the BeautyCounter Rose Water Mist. Your skin accepts moisture better when the deeper layers are already moisturized, so this is a great finishing touch. It helps to set your makeup, adds extra hydration, and smells so so so SO good. 

I keep the Rosewater Mist with my in my purse in case I need a pick me up through out the day. It keeps my skin looking dewy and fresh. Smitten. 

The BeautyCounter Site is great too. I actively read their beauty blog, and I love their ingredient list break down. They happily list every ingredient in every product and explain what they are. No more reading long crazy weird names ending in -ate and -oxide, just hoping for the best. They have a 'Never List' too, with a full breakdown of all chemical names and how dangerous they are so you can check out what's actually in the products you are currently/have been using. My daughter loves playing with my makeup so I was immediately freaked out. It's pretty disturbing when you start to do your research what we are covering ourselves in.

Hopefully you all give these products a try, because putting chemicals on your face is not only gross, but it's dangerous! Don't do it! Take care of that skin!

And please please pretty please - don't let your kids play with the super cheap makeup that comes in some of their dress up sets. It's not safe on their little bodies <3

Be Well!