TCExLifestyle || Motivation Monday

Hi guys! It's Monday, my favorite day of the week (is that weird?)! 

I like to treat my Monday the same way I treat New Years; full of goals, good intentions and plenty of motivation. The second my alarm clock goes off I start my day with a good ole #MotivationMonday hashtag search on Instagram for a little positive ammo before I get out of bed. 

motivation monday


A great source of motivation for me is Facebook Groups. I personally am in Blogger Groups, Home School Groups, Networking Groups, Beauty Groups, and even a Workout Accountability Group (that I continuously flake on but that's another story). I keep my notifications for these groups turned on, even though at times I log in to have over 100 notifications of people posting in them, but it keeps my actively checking them, and continuously motivated. 

Being flooded with other peoples ideas is a great source of wealth, no matter what type of group you have joined or what your interests are. Opportunities can arise in unexpected places. The most motivational aspect to ME, is seeing people accomplishing the things that I aim to accomplish. I love when people post pics in the group showing themselves making it happen. All the feels.

If you are super ambitious, you can start your own Facebook group, and the responsibility of being the Admin may be motivation enough to keep you striving for greatness. Whatever gets you to the end goal! 

distressed denim and vinyl records

Today I am getting a healthy dose of #MotivationMonday from the comfort of my favorite jeans and super lived in tee. I definitely keep it casual when I am working from home. You can click the picks to shop similar pieces below, including my favorite blanket (which I am considering a part of my outfit today. Don't judge.)

Do you have any groups that you think are super motivational? Post them in the comments so we can all join!