TCE x Simply Happy Family || Back To School Shopping Made Simple

'Tis the season where all the Mommas start daydreaming about afternoon mani-pedis, and 6 hours a day without listening to Youtubers or fielding questions of the small-child variety. It's a glorious thought! We have one last hurdle to make it through though, parents... The dreaded back-to-school-shopping experience.

By now you have most likely received your classrooms wish list (tissues, baggies, hand sani), and you are getting ready for the Game of Thrones style battle at Target, as you juggle your kids and carriage whist holding your phone scanning the email list. No thanks!

And when Target doesn't have that 'green, 2 in binder' because every other mom in town beat you to it and now you have to zig-zag all over town? Keep it simple and do your thing online! I'd take filling an Amazon cart with a glass of wine in my hand from the couch any day of the week, and if you have Prime it's free 2-day shipping. (Don't have Prime? Here is a link to get it for a monthly rate instead of paying the $99 upfront! ) This gives you the opportunity to price compare and get the best deals, and also find EXACTLY what you are looking for instead of digging through a pile of rifled through items and settling for whatever is left over.

Eliminating stressful trips makes for a happier family. Another perk? Who among us doesn't wind up in the check out line with a bunch of stuff we don't 'need'? Save your time. Save your money. Save your energy and sanity. 

Below are some back to school supplies to get your cart started. Simply Happy shopping, friends!