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I don't know about you, but this winter is doing serious damage to my skin. I am SO dry! My lips have been eternally chapped, my hands cracked, and my arms are rough, rough, rough. I am a big advocate of never using chemicals on my dermis, so I have been trying out some natural products. Some have hit, most have missed. 


I was gifted a box of beauty products recently from Splurge Skincare, a Boston-based, small-batch skin care company. I researched the company, devoured Splurge's gorgeous Insta-feed, and was eager to try the products. They appeared to be everything I had been looking for, and then some!

  • Cruelty Free (Their slogan: Tested on friends, not animals.)
  • Thoughtfully Sourced
  • All Natural
  • Small Batch

And to boot, it is a:

  • Local
  • Woman Owned Business

These goodies were exactly what I had been searching for!


Splurge is the brain child of Christine Cunningham, a school guidance councelor by day, and a skin care superhero by night. This one-woman powerhouse is truly inspiring. Her Insta is gorgeous, her marketing is on point, her standards are high, and her products are next level.


I opened my box of pretty goodies, wrapped so sweet with a thoughtful note (you can always tell when someone loves what they do), and casually tried the Lip Buttah. Holy Macaroon! My lips literally felt luxurious, and that is absolutely NOT a word I throw around like confetti. I called my daughter over to try it and she let out a deep 'Ahhhhhh'. Yup, just like that I became a customer for life.

I immediately tried The Rub, a lavender-mint sugar scrub. I tried it on one arm only, so I could really tell if their was a difference in moisture retention. I love sugar scrubs, but this one knocked it out of the park. One arm was soft and smooth, the other was begging for love and attention. My skin stayed soft until my shower the next day. Soft; not greasy or slick, like other scrubs I have tried in the past. It was clear that Splurge's standards were high. This product was fantastic. Another thing? It smells incredible. 



In the haul I found darling little tub of Melted Buttah (how cute is the name?!), a repair balm, I used it on my lips, dry spots on my face, and my hands where they were brutally cracked. Hey, Um, Christine? Can you go ahead and start making this by the gallon? I kinda love it... I used it on my daughter's cheeks and my son's lips, and saw an immediate improvement. I always hesitate to put products on them because they are just 6 & 7, but i felt totally safe using these products on them, and they loved the scents as much as I did.


I learned that Splurge's Melted Buttah was being used at New York Fashion Week as a full face moisturizer. I can see why!



I may have lost my 'Lemon Lip Buttah' to the Littles, but this tinted 'In Love Lip Buttah' is alllll mine.


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**I was gifted these products but the opinions of this post are expressly my own.