TCExLifestyle || Productive Ways To Spend A New England Snow Day

We are in the midst of a snow day here in New England, and for the lucky ones, that means: a day off. If you are a home school Mama with an online boutique, and a blog to run, like me... not so much. But I am taking it semi-easy, trying to reserve some energy for sledding later. Even though it is totally tempting to Netflix all day, until you finally drudge up the motivation to shovel, wouldn't it feel good to spend this non-work-work day productively? Most of you just rolled your eyes, but IDC I am going to give you a nice easy list of things to do anyway, that take minimal effort but feel SO rewarding. 

Here ya go!

1. Organize your sock draw.

Isn't it such a bummer digging through every morning praying for a match? Sort it out, toss the quitters, and call it a day.

2. Throw away any tupperware that doesn't have a lid.

Where do the lids go?! WHERE. DO. THEY. GO.

3. Toss any expired products from your medicine cabinet and pantry.

Anyone that finds anything from 2013 or earlier, leave a comment below and I'll enter you to win a cute top from my shop. Because I am that proud. 

4. Delete crappy selfies off your phone. 

You know, the ones even Facetune can't salvage. Toss those. You are staring at your phone anyway, you may as well do something useful.

5. Water your plants.

Just a friendly reminder. :)

Ok, well, Happy SNOW DAY New Englanders! And P.S. I was totally not kidding about #3. If you have something exceptionally old {like so old it makes you sort of proud} in your cabinets show me and maybe you will win something pretty to replace it with!