TCE x Simply Happy || How Your Child's Stained Shirt Can Change Your Life

Hi, Friends!

Being Simply Happy is something that is super critical to our health and wellness. Eliminating stress should be just as important as the other To-Do's on your list. Unless... wait... Is your To-Do list stressful too?  Is it full of items like: fold everything on the 'laundry chair', clean kid's room, put stuff into storage, organize closet, etc? Yikes! That is stressful!

What if, and hear me out because this is CRAZY, but what if: your STUFF didn't dictate your free time? That would mean something incredible- Your To-Do list would shrink and your free time would expand. I know, I know, we love our stuff. So ask yourself this,

"If I was to hold up your kid's food-stained shirt and gave you the choice of either keeping it, or letting you take a nap right now, what would you choose?".


That may sound extreme, right? How can one crappy shirt rob me of a full nap? 


Let's break it down... 


You decide to keep this crappy shirt. It will fit your child for about 2 years. You will spend:

1 minute per week putting it in the laundry room x 104 weeks = 1.5 hours of your life

1 minute per week folding it x 104 weeks = 1.5 hours of your life

Hours of your income (average guesstimate) to pay for electricity, detergent, fabric softner and hot water to run the appliances to wash/dry this shirt for 2 years = 5 hours of your life



Now apply this to every random piece of laundry in your house and HOLY CRAP, that's a lot of time wasted on clothes you don't even like very much!

I know what you are thinking... I need to wear something and I'll have to wash that 'something' so it doesn't matter if I have extra items.

Sorry guys, it totally does. Take a second to tally up all the minutes you will look at, think about, contemplate, and handle that one specific item. Whether it be seeing it on your child's floor, wondering if it still fits, seeing it peek out of the never-ending laundry pile, or even bagging it and driving it to donation - that shirt owns a piece of you.

Pair down! Now! For the love of naps! With a happy heart, let that drive to the donation bin be the last bit of time you spend on the items that don't make you happy.

Your children are happy when you are happy, and you are happy when you are less stressed, so eliminate where you can, whenever you can. Start in their closets and see how liberating it feels. Free yourself by owning only things that you love.

How many items that you don't love own a piece of YOU?


Need help with your laundry organization once you get it under control? We gotchu.

And while we are at it Let's be ethical in our detergent choice! Modere is grey water friendly, does not test on animals, and is one of the safest brands on the market.


BE WELL! Life's a journey, not a destination!