How To Make Money On Pinterest In Just 10 Minutes A Day

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The most magical way that I have found to make money with my blog has hands-down been Pinterest. Wait, you can make money on Pinterest? Yes, ma'am! With- or without - a blog! Utilizing affiliate links on Pinterest has been a total game changer for making money with my blog and business. The money I make on Pinterest pays for all of my business expenses and then some!

I do utilize many tools for my business such as Convertkit and Boardbooster, web hosting, etc so I began looking into making money with affiliate links on Pinterest to offset the costs of running the business. I knew if I could automate the affiliate income, I wouldn't have to give my blog expenses a second thought. It went above and beyond my expectations.

I'm going to tell you how! Let's talk about:

  • how to optimize your Pinterest views

  • how to join affiliate programs

  • how to stay on the legal side of the FTC

  • how to automate the process

  • how to spend 10 minutes per day to make money whether you have a blog or not

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Optimize Your Pinterest

Before you start making money, I recommend you switch your current Pinterest profile over to a business profile (just a simple button click). Not much is required to do this, but it gives you access to your Profile's Analytics, so that you can keep track of your views, and be mindful of what your audiences interests are. That will help you to know which affiliate pins will be valuable to your followers, and will therefore get the most click-thru's. 

Once you've done that, take an hour or so and go through your boards. Do you have duplicate boards or anything that can be cleaned up? Do it. Go into your boards and be sure that each board has a good key word rich description. Choose a color palate for your profile. Something welcoming. Once you have chosen your Profile colors, go through your boards and make one nice looking pin from that color scheme your board cover picture.

Join Affiliate Programs

The next step in making money from your personal Pinterest account is to join affiliate programs. This part will be different for everyone. If you don't have a blog, head over to ShopStyle Collective when you are done reading this and set up a free account real quick to join their affiliate program. Also, check out a few of the other programs I suggest below, and sign up for the ones you feel comfy with.

If you do have a blog and are already enrolled in affiliate programs, then I advise you to make a quick list on which ones you really enjoy. Sadly, Amazon Associates does not vibe with Pinterest, and you could jeopardize either, or both, accounts by messing around trying to put Amazon links on your Pinterest. It can be done, and I have definitely tried and succeeded with it, but I value my accounts and don't advise or condone risking it.

You can find affiliate programs with Walmart, Convertkit, eBooks, ShareAsale, AWIN, Comission Junction, Clickbank, and from all sorts of random brands that you may not realize have them! I always look at the very bottom of a website when I am shopping to see if they offer an affiliate or referral program. Once you chose which programs you are vibing with the most, and your all signed up with their affiliate program, you are ready to rock!

How To Stay On The Legal Side Of The FTC

If you are a blogger you know all about the regulations that we need to follow when it comes to affiliate marketing. If you are not, I'll give you the skinny:

Any time you are making a commission on a product that you are promoting online, whether it be a blog or social media, you must disclose your relationship with the product. This can be as simple as putting [affiliate] somewhere in your post description. If you do not comply, you can be fined. Don't mess around with this. Always put [affiliate] in the description of your pin.

How To Automate The Process

We are almost ready to start! We need to make sure your pins are being placed in peoples smartfeed though (that's Pinterest's algorithm for their news feed). The best way to do this is to be continuously pinning and keeping an active presence on Pinterest. Hey! I thought you said this would only take 10 minutes a day, though?! That's where Boardbooster comes in. A Boardbooster account is simple and cheap, so go grab one. I'll wait right here.

Got it? Ok cool! Now any of the boards that you plan on using for affiliate links (think: home decor, fashion, shoes, kitchenware, etc - whatever your niche may be), you're going to want to loop them. Looping means that Boardbooster will pull the oldest pin and repin it, and then delete the first time it was pinned. This keeps your board active. Once you start filling your boards with affiliate links, this will help you out quite a bit. You post an affiliate link once and it keeps being looped leaving it open for constant views and clicks.

How To Spend Less Than 10 Minutes A Day To Make Money On PInterest

Here's the good part! Start pinning!! If you spend a dedicated 10 minutes every day to adding new affiliate links to your boards, then in a matter of a few weeks you should start seeing an income. If you are familiar with affiliate links, you most likely don't need me to tell you how to do this, but for the newbies: it's very easy!

If you are new to this and have signed up for a ShopStyle account, for example, go ahead and 'search' a product. Anything. When you click on the product you will see that to the right of the picture will be a bunch of social icons. Click the Pinterest icon. This automatically adds it as a pin for you! Don't forget to put some keywords in the description, and add the word [affiliate] somewhere. Add it to the applicable boards and then head back to Shopstyle to add a few more! If you do this every day and have the boards on a loop, your revenue will begin to increase the more pins you have!

How Much Will I Make?

Truth? I have no idea. It all depends on whether or not you take the tips in this guide seriously, and what affiliate programs you sign up for. Shopstyle pays per click so if you get 1,000 clicks a month that's $50. Getting 1000 clicks in a month if you are adding 10 pins a day is a very easy feat. You could very easily make $300, to $1000+. That's entirely up to you. Some affiliate programs pay $5 per new account, some pay a 50% commission on a sale. It all depends.

Happy Money-Making, Ladies!

As always- Leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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