How To Boost Your Sales And Traffic With Pinterest

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Whether you have a small business, or a seven-figure business - you absolutely need to be utilizing Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most highly misunderstood 'social media' platforms. Sure, many of us love Pinterest for grabbing a quick dinner recipe or party idea, but it is so much more than that. If you are looking at Pinterest with a business mind, it really is not 'social media' at all. You need to look at Pinterest as a search engine for highly motivated buyers. This will change your entire business marketing strategy.

Pinterest boasts a hefty 200 MILLION users on their platform. Those are some serious numbers. To make that statistic a little happier: 55% of online shopping in the United States starts on Pinterest.

Now that we know where our market is and how they like to make purchases, let's talk about how to target buyers through Pinterest.

how to boost your traffic and sales

1. Start a business account.

Your buyers may also be gluten free, but unless that is the nature of your business, be sure to keep all irrelevant boards off of your business account. You can set up a personal account for all the pins that don't directly relate to your business. Your Pinterest should set you apart as a leader in your industry and a wealth of relevant information.

Setting your Pinterest to Business is important so that you can add your website URL to your profile and track statistics on your Pinterest Analytics page. You can easily see which pins got the most love so that you can keep pinning the content that your customers find useful. You can also see which of your own pins drove the most traffic to your website. This will help with number 2 on our list.

2. Create multiple avenues to your site.

So you have a product, service or blog post and you made a pin for it. Great job! Now let's take this one step further. I encourage you to make multiple pin images for each and every link-back to your site. Don't stop at one! Use different images, use different fonts, use different language and copy to make multiple pin images and link them all back to the same content. This will give you the opportunity to see which marketing styles are most effective on your demographic, as well as giving you countless opportunities to drive your engaged traffic to your site.

3. Label everything as if you were searching for it on Google.

Pinterest operates more similarly to Google or Bing than it does to say, Instagram. Drop all the hashtags from your pin descriptions and instead try labeling all of your pins with the search terms and key words that you, yourself, would use if you opened up a search engine and was trying to find your product. Don't stop with just your pin descriptions; be sure that all of your boards are labeled in similar fashion so that they are easily picked up in Pinterest's Smart Feed algorithm and you get #allthefollows!

4. Apply for Rich Pins.

When you are pinning your products to Pinterest, it is super eye catching if they have big bold descriptions and a price right there for a fast scrolling eye to easily pick up on. When you apply for Rich Pins this is all done for you when you are sharing from your site. This option sets your pins apart visually, as well as makes your pins look exponentially more professional. You can find the Rich Pins option in your account settings of your profile.

5. Let BoardBooster do the hard work for you.

We are super busy running our businesses and don't have time to play on Pinterest all day, am I right? My number one traffic hack for my website and business is BoardBooster. BoardBooster allows you to not only set up secret boards to slowly drip content into, but lets you loop the content so that even the posts you put up a few months ago are getting re-pinned and back in front of your clients again and again. If I can recommend any one life changing business hack and time saver it is hands down this service. My Pinterest engagement grew by SIXTEEN THOUSAND PERCENT within one week of setting it up. It's a miracle of science!

Check out BoardBooster!

Once I began implementing serious Pinterest strategies, not only did my Pinterest following begin to grow organically, my site traffic skyrocketed and created tidal waves of sales and affiliate income. If you are interested in learning how I make additional passive income with my business Pinterest account check out this post How To Make Money On PInterest In Just 10 Minutes A Day and I always keep my FREE eCOURSE: 5 Days To A More Profitable Business available to serve you.

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Are there any struggles or strategies you need help with when it comes to Pinterest? Feel free to ask away in the comments below and I will be happy to assist you!

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