Blogger Self-Care : My Phone Is Ruining My Posture

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If your job requires you to stare at a phone or sit at a computer all day, you most likely have suffered aches and pains. Unnatural repetitive movements cause strain on your body and result in chronic pain as well as muscular and nerve damage. This tightening can also result in forward head posture and lower body problems.

blogger self love : help my phone is ruining my posture


If you have a desk job, most likely you have experienced one or more of these symptoms:

  • carpel tunnel syndrome

  • poor posture

  • sciatica

  • low back pain

  • achy wrists

  • headaches

  • neck and shoulder pain

I was experiencing many of these symptoms myself, and I knew it was due to the 8+ hours a day I was spending on my phone and computer. Frequent massages and yoga were helping, but I seemed to snap back into my pain zone shortly after. Google led me to a book about fascia that changed my way of thinking about pain completely, Healing Ancient Wounds, by John F. Barnes. In this book, John F. Barnes explains how injuries get trapped in our bodies through a web of fascia, and unless you release these traumas they live inside you and cause further illness and injury.

What is fascia?

I'll let my friend, Nicole, explain:

Nicole is a Myofascial Release Therapist is Woburn, Massachusetts. She trained with John F. Barnes personally  (I am so jealous!), and brought the therapy back to her home state. If you are a New England native - she started a gorgeous studio with 15 therapists, and seven treatment rooms, and I highly recommend going in to see her.

Nicole did something amazing. Well, Nicole did many amazing things (like walking away from a career as an Engineer because she felt the pull of her Myofascial calling), but this is my favorite thing that Nicole has going on: She made a Myofascial Self-care eCourse. 

Wait, what IS a Myofascial Release Treatment?

Myofascial Release happens when gentle stretches and slight pressure are applied to the affected areas for extended periods of time. This allows the fascia to soften and find its appropriate connections.

This treatment requires minimum movement, yet yields maximum effect. By sitting at a desk all day, stressing our wrists, fingers, neck, posture, we are tangling our fascia which causes a full body tightening, leading to referred pain in other areas. By practicing Myofascial Release techniques while you are working, you can alleviate some of the strain you are putting on your body and help you to feel a greater sense of grounding and deep calm.

A session is similar to a massage treatment, just to give you some context. Instead of continuous rubbing motions, you will have applied pressure for 5+ minute intervals throughout your body. During this process, you may experience involuntary movement throughout your body. This is called unwinding. Unwinding is the process of your body instinctively moving in ways that untangle your fascia. I was most intrigued by this process when I read John F. Barnes' book, and I immediately experienced it during my session. It was great, and has continued to happen when I am in a relaxed state at home, which I find truly amazing. It feels incredible. 

Another awesome thing that let me know that my treatment was working? 

During my treatment, Nicole flipped the light on and gave me a mirror. She had been working on my arm, which was linked to some pretty serious jaw and shoulder pain. During her work on my arm, my jaw had become warm, and a mark in the shape of my affected jaw muscle lit up bright red. She showed me during and I literally couldn't even believe how right on it was in showcasing my pain area. Crazy!

I have been working through Nicole's eCourse at home, and I am feeling ah.may.zing. 

If you cannot make it in to Nicole's studio Skin To Soul, in Woburn, Massachusetts, then I highly recommend getting her eCourse. In addition to an awesome self-care course, she sends out really great heart-centered, love-filled emails to keep you on track. I love seeing her in my inbox.

Let's get feeling awesome! The better we feel, the better our business!