Becoming A Six-Figure Blogger : 5 Easy Steps To Bring You Financial Success

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Anyone can be a blogger. All you need is a website, and you're there. Becoming a six-figure blogger - now that is a whole new animal and requires a strategic game plan. You may have heard that it can't be done, but I am here to tell you that it can, (it happens every day as a matter of fact) and much sooner than you think with proper strategies.

I'm not going to lay it out there that you need to 'find a niche' because you have heard that a million times and you should know this by now. We are going to, instead, review some more actionable tips you can take to put yourself in a power position with your site.


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STEP 1 : Make a Business Plan

Now, maybe you have had your blog up and running for a while and you feel like you can skip this step. Please don't. Making a business plan for your blog is one of the most important things you can do to begin securing your financial freedom. In order to make that sweet 'I can do whatever I want' income, you need to first treat your endeavor like an actual business. You can not expect to pull in the dollars if you are just winging it. Your plan should clearly outline your niche, demographic, goals, income streams, and stats thus far (because how can you exceed your current statistics if you have no idea what they are?).  Once you have a clear plan you will find the path to reach your income goals that much easier.

STEP 2 : Work Smarter, Not Harder

A common trap that bloggers fall into is 'The Social Media Time Suck'. Yes, social media will help you to locate your target audience, and of course will help your audience find you. No, you can not spend hours per day on social media (aka - other peoples million dollar websites!) and expect your own website to thrive. 

When I first began blogging I spent the majority of my time building my social media following. That was all well and good, but that was years ago before the ugly algorithms started to show up on Facebook and Instagram. Now I consider social media to be a tool, not a way of life. You can (and should!) absolutely maintain your profiles, but let it take a backseat to the real work you need to be doing for yourself on your own pride and joy site. Always remember - you may have a lot of followers, and yay for that, but you don't own them. You can't manage what they see in their news feeds, or how you can reach them without paying for ads. Also - let's for a second tip our hats to good ole Myspace, and acknowledge that all of our followers on that platform are now gone with the wind. 

Social media should be a tool, but nothing more, so don't waste all of your precious time over there. Instead: use a scheduling app to set yourself up with posts for the week, and call it a day. Engage and manage your posts a few times a week, but spend the majority of your time on your own domain, improving and perfecting posts, SEO, internal linking and perfecting your own products. 

STEP 3 : Make Yourself Useful

When I have specific questions related to my niche, I have a good handful of websites that I specifically go to for answers. These sites have set themselves apart from the drones of people just regurgitating basic info, as an absolute resource to me in my business, and I skip over google and go straight to them when I need answers. 

Have you positioned yourself to be a leader in your niche? Do people come to your website for advice? If you know that the answer is no, then take some serious time to figure out how you can change that. Narrow down exactly what your strong points are (recognizing your weaknesses is a sign of strength as well because it allows you the vision you need to make positive change in your business), and bring them to the fore-front of your business. This will set you apart as a leader, and show your readership your power points, so that THEY begin to skip Google and go straight to you for answers.


STEP 4 : Lead Magnets, Opt-Ins, And Email

So you have a kick-ass blog. Now where does the money come from? Simply: your email list. Your email list is full of people that went out of their way to subscribe to YOU specifically because they find your unique voice valuable. Subscribing to an email list is so much more work than clicking the like button on Facebook, so you know that these people on your list not only value your opinion, but also have a serious interest in what you are writing about. Start using this to your advantage. Keep an active email newsletter going. This will help you when it is time to start marketing your products to a warm audience. 

Growing your email list sounds like a challenge, I know. I avoided it completely when I first started out. That was a giant disservice to my business, because once I had products to market, I had to rely on Mark Zuckerberg to put it in front of my audience, and most of the time - HE DIDN'T! Ouch! 

Develop some great Opt-In forms on Convertkit, and promote them with lead magnets. Lead magnets are simply just templates, guides, courses, etc. that you offer your readers for free in exchange for their email address. Win/Win!

STEP 5 : What Are You Peddling?

Okay - this part is all you, boo. Now that you know what you need to do to make this happen, it is time to make a game plan for those products you are promoting. If you utilize affiliate marketing, make sure to be writing posts that you can link to, and make a great Pinterest and SEO plan for promoting your links. If you are truly looking to up your financial game, selling your own products is the best way I have found to do that. Books and eCourses are great money makers, but if writing is not your strong suit, maybe a physical product is where you need to be focusing your energy. There is much success to be had doing Direct Sales and MLM through a blog.

Whatever your poison, having your blog in top working order will get you there.

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