7 Reasons Why Every Stay At Home Mom Needs A Blog (and how to make money off of it!)

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My blog began in some of my dark days. They should have been my happiest days, and I knew it but I was still just feeling so lost. I had just had my first baby, and for the first time ever I was unemployed, and totally housebound due to breastfeeding and the unyielding New England winter. Both my family, and my husband's family lived scattered throughout the country, so we had no 'village' to help us, and none of my friends had kids yet. My wonderful husband worked very long days to make sure that I could stay home with our new bundle. I was feeling lonely.

Making money had always been first and foremost to me, and I realized that my whole sense of self had been wrapped around my job. Once I stopped working, I had no idea what to do with my brain anymore, and I found myself becoming more and more depressed. My poor husband would walk in the door tired and hungry at the end of a long day and I would immediately barrage him with rants, rambles, questions, complaints, hugs, and baby stories. When he was too tired to give the I'm-desperate-for-human-interaction attention I needed, I sulked or argued with him. I knew I had to change something on my end, otherwise I was going to take our 3-man crew down with me on my sinking ship.

One night I was watching one of my vlogger friends on YouTube. I knew that the group of friends I had hung out with a few years before were all making money by being video bloggers on YouTube and promoted themselves all over Myspace (this was 2009... I'm old school). I picked their brains under the guise of being 'casual', but spent my nights going Pepe Silvia over all the minuscule details of their social media pages to figure out exactly how they were making 'buying a new mansion today' money. I spent a decent six month like:

Truth be told, these guys were far from geniuses so I felt confident that I could pull this off. The only snag was... I was still pretty overweight from having my baby, and very rarely mustered up the gusto to change out of my sweats and put on makeup. I certainly could not broadcast my physical and mental demise on YouTube for the world to see. No thanks.

That was the birth of my blog. No makeup necessary but same concept. I was immediately sold. It started out a little Wordpress.com site with no readers, no option to subscribe, nada. Just me, screaming to the wind. It felt really good to have a platform to get my thoughts out (besides harassing my poor husband with the nonsensical ramblings of an unemployed, sleep deprived loon). I didn't even think about trying to make money off of it at first. I just needed to vent.

The more I blogged, the more I read other people's blogs, and I began to take notice of all the different ways they were making money off of their websites. I still didn't do any of them, but hey - I was formulating a plan, man. I was still busy trying to figure out how to make an email list.

Long (boring) story short, I took the long way around learning the art of blogging as a career, and picked up everything I possible could along the way. I started out as a 'mom blog' and then kind of graduated to a 'lifestyle blog' before I started taking on interviews and sponsored posts and then truly realized - 'Hey I can make a career out of this!'. When it came down to it - I finally niched down to 'blogging about blogging', because I love everything about the blog world and it is where I have the most knowledge and experience.

Starting a blog as a new mom changed my life. It gave me personal goals, purpose, an outlet, a community, and eventually (once I pulled my head out of my ass!) a great income. I'm going to break down a few of the reasons that starting a blog as a stay at home mom saved my sanity. Happy wife, happy life, right?

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1. Forget The Baby Book!

Blogging is like keeping a virtual diary. I love looking in my back log of blog posts from when I first started out as a Mommy Blogger and see how little and sweet my babies were. Keeping a baby book is great, and there is something to be said for gorgeous ones like this, but keeping a blog is so all-encompassing, it truly captures all the details of what is happening in your family during that time period, down to your writing tone. It is an incredible gift to your children as they grow up!

2. Remember That Thing You Used To Love To Do?

What if I don't want to be a Mommy Blogger? No sweat! Maybe back in your pre-children years you had a hobby or a business that you put all of your passion into. You probably have less time to work on those things as a new mom, even more so if they involve leaving the house or business hours. Making a blog for business or a hobby blog is a great way to position yourself as a leader in your industry, and it also makes for a killer portfolio or resume!

3. Free Stuff - Kids Are Expensive!

When you position yourself as a blogger, it is very easy to get free products. If your child needs the next size up on a car seat, new bed linens, shoes, snowsuit, etc. you can very easily pick a brand you want to work with, send them an email asking for a free product in return for a blog post or social shares and get an easy yes. As your following grows, and if you are using appropriate hashtags on social media, you will most likely find yourself turning down tons of free products because there are not enough hours in the day to do all of those posts!

4. You're Already On Pinterest Anyway!

Chances are, you love Pinterest. (Just going out on a limb with that one.)

If you are already on Pinterest and you aren't using affiliate links then lemme tell you something - girl, check out this email course right here and start making money to pin asap! 

I have many streams of income coming just from Pinterest - NO BLOG NEEDED!

How many among us use Pinterest a few hours a week? I'm going to tell you a secret - there is literally probably not one single pin on that whole site that doesn't somehow link to something that makes someone a paycheck. Beyond my own blog posts, my boards are full of tons of links to shoes, purses, books, home decor, etc. and when anyone clicks the pin - BOOM, I get paid. If they purchase the product - BOOM, I get paid. Even if it is just a digital service! It's crazy, people. Get on that.

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5. Income

You can literally start making money immediately if you have a proper plan in place. You can receive payments for reviewing (and keeping!) free products. That is called a Sponsored Post. You can utilize affiliate links all over your site for great evergreen income. If you are a strong writer, you can submit your posts to larger sites to be published and collect a paycheck, and some great free traffic to your own site. All good!

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6. Call The Sitter! Events!

Ok, so events are my super number one favorite thing about blogging. Because I have a valuable following on social media, I am invited to many-a-party. I am asked to store openings, fitness classes, private islands (I KNOW!), hotels, brand anniversaries, spas, where I am served incredible food, free champagne, take free classes or spa treatments, and gifted swag just in trade for social media tags. Definite perk. No further commentary needed.

7. Community Rocks - It Takes A Village!

Like I said in my intro way, way up there... I was kind of alone as a brand new mom, and it was very intimidating. I value the community that I have created on this journey - from people I follow, to people that follow me - they all make my world a better place in their own special ways! It takes a village... Even a virtual one!


No, wait just kidding. There is a little more.

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