Sarah Santosuosso

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I love all things internet. I also love wearing sweatpants whenever the mood strikes, and not leaving the house when it's cold out.

I started my first site about 4 years ago. It was one of those 'catch-all' blogs that I loosely defined as 'Lifestyle' (insert face palm here). Who needs a niche, am I right? (That mentality cost me so much time and money btw *kicking my former self*) I moved on to fashion and entertainment blogging, because I love and covet fashion, and wanted to be able to get backstage at all my favorite concerts (and i did! #PennyLane). What is blogging if not fun?!

I added a store to my site, and sold super cute clothes. Except, right when things were picking up heat and the money was rolling in - my main clothing distributor sent me an email saying they were shuttering. Just like that- after SO. MUCH. HARD. WORK. I was out of business. Sort of.


In that dark little moment that I just told you about up there, when I was just about feeling like giving up, something dawned on me:


I love everything about it. Researching, writing, designing, brand building, social media, blogger events (especially the catered ones!), and all the great friendships I have made over the years with all these super-human, self-taught, purpose-driven females. And guess what: I'm pretty darn good at it.

Another thing: Why did I leave MY ball in someone else's court? 

I learned my most valued piece of insight over the past year. I had been letting other businesses determine MY business, whether it be through selling ad space on my site (please don't ever do that!), wasting so much time clamoring for sponsored posts (am I the only one that finds those degrading?!), or carrying someone else's merchandise in a shop page (when they go under, YOU go under, and don't even get me started on lost FedEx packages).

I decided to use my big brain, and the four years I have spent researching all things 'online business' to make my brand over to service YOU. The amount of accumulated strategy and knowledge I have pieced together throughout the past few years is an invaluable resource to new, struggling bloggers and business owners. I am my best product, and you are yours! Believe it, Pal!

So, here I am. Most likely curled up in sweatpants, blogging about blogging for bloggers that blog. I'm happy you are here, my friend, because I have years of research, in so many different niches, topics and fields, that I have streamlined for all my Bad-Ass Entrepreneurs and I'm dying to share it!

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