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The Power Blogger Bundle

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the closet electric make money anywhere

I'd rather work here, than in a cubicle.

Every website has untapped income potential.

Whether you have a full blog, or just a landing or service page; every website has potential to generate income over and above expectation. The only thing holding it back is - YOU! Do you know how to set the strategies that bring in revenue?

Take the quiz and find out your website's income potential score.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

what will help you find greater success in your business?

E-Courses + Workshops

So you know what your end goal is, but need some guidance in getting there? No problem! I have put together some crazy easy to follow E-Courses and Workshops to show you how to build your blog, brand, traffic, social media and email list for a more profitable business.

Free Resource Library

Hustlin' ain't easy (at first!), so I made you some great templates that you can use to boost your business, land clients, build your email list, score some sweet sponsored posts, or get some pretty amazing people to agree to do an interview with you. Go get 'em, Girl!


1:1 coaching

Sometimes a little one on one is needed to clarify your business plan. I accept ten clients per month for personalized 1-1 coaching. We will define your social media, make a profitable 3 month plan, fine-tune your email, newsletter, and website to make it easier for the money to chase you.

Free Blogger bundle - how to make money blogging

Here's A Free Gift!


The Power Blogger Bundle

Grab these downloads before this offer expires.


Sarah Santosuosso

Hey Friends!

My name is Sarah Santosuosso, and I am so happy you are here with me! 

I started blogging years ago, and what a ride it has been. I had absolutely no idea how to make money in the blog game for. the. longest. time. All I knew was: I loved it. I blogged for the pure joy of it for quite a while, but then, Guys - I got serious.

I saw so many people making crazy income with their websites, and I knew if I put my mind to it - so could I.

Once I realized that the systems I needed in order to make real money had been at my finger tips the entire time, and how much money-earning potential I had wasted... UGH. I felt frustrated!

I'm here to save you that trouble and frustration. I want to lay it all out for you in the easiest possible way. When you succeed - I also succeed! We are in this together!

Go Team TCE!

XO- Sarah

Already have a great blog, but need to boost your site's income potential?

Blog To Wealth is a course designed to take your existing site to new heights by putting carefully curated income-gaining strategies in place. Every website has extreme earning potential, no matter how many subscribers, or how little time you have to dedicate to it.


This course is perfect for: Existing business websites, blogs, or landing/service pages.

This course includes: 

the closet electric
  • A step by step guide to optimizing your web space for garnering sales, traffic, and revenue

  • seo checklists to optimize your site for search engines

  • a blog post format designed to gain subscribers with evergreen site content

  • A list of your first 100 blog post titles to get you started

  • actionable opt-in and lead magnets for any demographic

  • automation strategies to save you time and energy

EARLY BIRD BONUSES: By pre-ordering your seat in the course you will receive CRAZY AWESOME bonus material that will have you 12 steps ahead of your peers, and ready to make money SO MUCH FASTER.


  • 45 point MAKE GOOGLE LOVE MY SITE checklist

  • A seat in the private members-only THE SIMPLY HAPPY HUSTLE facebook group

BLOG TO WEALTH Early Bird Course Bundle
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Enrollment is currently closed for our course 'BLOG TO WEALTH'. If you aren't quite ready to reserve your seat above, by filling out this form, you will be notified when we are re-opening the doors for our students.

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
— George S. Patton
Free Blogger bundle - how to make money blogging

Here's A Free Gift!


The Power Blogger Bundle

Grab these downloads before this offer expires.



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